Why Monsoon Has Angry in 2022?

 The Monsoon Has Angry in 2022

Preservation and its survival of the natural environment has now become an issue for people around the world. Even those countries are now starting to think, talk and take actions that refused to acknowledge it as their problem until yesterday. Actually because of environmental pollution. The survival and security of the planet, the planet, are facing serious risks. The planet’s rising temperatures have shaken the entire world, as it is causing floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis somewhere, and somewhere else a significant increase in cold and heat. It’s happened, somewhere the rate of rain and snowfall has increased a lot and somewhere drought has set up camps.


Serious issues such as global warming, drought, water scarcity, increasing barrenness, decline in biodiversity, changing climate conditions and the extinction of certain life species are common problems around the world. According to environmental experts, they threaten the future of the human species.  It is of great importance to focus on environmental protection, urban planning, tree plantation and prevent environmental pollution while creating sustainable development strategies for solving sustainable developmental environmental problems. In the future of poverty and starvation .


To keep the rate at a minimum, for future generations to live in a peaceful environment in a world full of trees and plants, the steps taken today are very important. Therefore, we should be very sensitive in this matter and There is an urgent need to raise awareness among the public about environmental protection.


Last year, the most welcoming news globally in terms of environmental conservation came in the last month of 2018, which means that the two countries agreed on an agreement at the World Environment Conference. A new one in the World Environmental Conference “Coop 24” held in the southern city of Katowice, Poland. The last of the global agreement conference Representatives of two hundred countries approved every day. Here are some important points of this comprehensive agreement, consisting of one hundred and sixty pages


The agreement agreed on procedures to implement the 2015 Paris Climate Deal. Countries included in the agreement agreed on procedures of reducing and monitoring harmful gases emissions. According to the deal, poor countries have financial assistance for environmental protection projects. Important The damage caused by climate change and natural disasters will also be compensated. However, despite continuous efforts, representatives of 200 countries could not agree on several important issues, including a few key points: Brazil and its compatriots market. I did not agree on creating a new “carbon credit regime”.


Now the issue will be resolved in future. Saudi Arabia and few other countries have important and historical significance of the United Nations International Panel (IPCC) on Climate Change There was an objection to the findings obtained in the report. Therefore, it was sufficient to praise the timely completion of the report in the agreement. There was no agreement on words about reducing overall toxic gases emissions in the final agreement.


Pakistan was represented in Coop 24 by Prime Minister for Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam. He said that the destruction of climate change has caused a loss of $3800 million zaka to Pakistan’s economy, so the world community should cooperate in every way possible. And see this too Pakistan may be taking steps on its own that can reduce its global status. They asked the world community to do all possible cooperation to protect Pakistan from the negative effects of climate change, especially to provide such technology. J Through Pakistan could produce clean and environment friendly energy.


Although Pakistan’s role was not very important in the discussions at the World Climate Conference, nor Pakistan is among the central countries causing climate change. However, it is continuously topping the list of countries affected by these climate changes for two decades. In the list of ten countries Definitely exists. Pakistan ranks 135th in the list of countries emitting harmful gases that are harmful to the environment. However, Pakistan ranks eighth among the affected countries. The devastation of climate change has severely damaged the Pakistani economy. And in this regard Pakistan ranks second among the most economically disadvantaged countries. According to experts, Pakistan is facing three major environmental challenges, namely temperature rise, water scarcity and air pollution.


Malik Amin Aslam said about Pakistan’s position at the World Environment Conference held in Kato Visa that it is important to tell the world community that Pakistan is taking steps that are necessary for environment protection. According to him, from the national treasury in Pakistan. One billion trees were spent to be planted under a project called “Billion Tree Sona Me”. Now the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government has announced to plant ten billion more trees across the country in five years, costing nearly one billion US dollars. The estimate has been made


On the one hand we are suffering from serious problems caused by climate change and on the other hand the United Nations UNDP has warned that by 2025 water shortage in Pakistan will form a crisis. In this regard, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Climate Change Adviser, Malik Amin says the PTI government will introduce a plan called “Recharge Pakistan” to tackle the water crisis. Through the project flood affected areas will be protected in various lakes of the country. Federal government all provinces Boon’s Recharge Pakistan and “Clean Green Pakistan” plans only after consultation and consent.


The Ministry of Climate Change is managing the funding of these projects so that provincial governments can effectively divert all these tasks from local governments at lower level. Kara from the reqqa According to him, Pakistan has more “water management” issue than water shortage, because only nine percent of flood water is preserved in Pakistan. Hence, the present PM supports building more dams in the country. According to Malik Ameen Aslam, others Like the affected countries, new elements of climate change are appearing in Pakistan. For example, change in the style of monsoon rains.


Environmentalists have been trying to convince our authorities for a long time that combating climate change is essential today to broaden the foundations of economic development. Pakistan is facing serious economic problems whose solutions are guaranteed. Environmental in the way of efforts The negative effects of change are creating more problems. Therefore, government has to spend six to eight percent of total national production (GDP) due to climate change.


Among the devastating impacts of climate change, some of the worst news of last year came from Indonesia, where the death toll as a result of the September 28th earthquake and tsunami had reached two thousand. The magnitude of the quake was reported five decimal seven. Then there Tsunami in the month of December Came leading to reports of more casualties and financial losses.


In the September tragedy, the death toll from the earthquakes and tsunami devastation in Sola Visi had reached almost two thousand and five thousand people were missing, according to official figures.  Went. These earthquakes and tsunamis have also left 74,000 homeless, according to the National Disaster Agency in Indonesia. Most of the devastation occurred in the central city of Palo, Sulawesi, where massive property was also damaged. Last week of December (22 December Co) I The same country once again hit a tsunami that killed more than 429 people.

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