Who Was Commander Konur Alp Of Ottoman Empire ?

Who Was Commander Konur Alp Of Ottoman Empire ?

Kanur Alp is one of the first people who helped Osman in establishing the Usmanian Empire. Osman had some trusted associates before he became Kayi Bay, later after Osman Kayi Bay became his faithful commander as well as Samsa Sabuj, Aikut Alp’, Abdur Rahman Ghazira became his trusted commander. These heroic soldiers play an important role in establishing the Usmanian Empire. However, even though Konur was not in the friend list in the early days, he later became his trusted assistant. Osman conducts an intense raid in West Anatolia, 1300 or so.


In this mission he assigned Konur Alp as Chief Commander. Then Konur defeated the Tekfurs miserably. Noted in Turkish history, Konur Alp Osman continues his operation after the death of Osman Gazi. Originally Orhan Ghazi took over the military administration while his father was alive. Accepting this sacred responsibility he sent Konur Alp to occupy the Black Sea and the surrounding areas.


This time Konur wins Alp Akiaz, Modernur, Sakariya and Plendesin. According to the then Turkish Islamic researcher Ashiq Pazad he occupied Ayados and Casillo under the leadership of Abdur Rahman Ghazi. After multiple raids he finally conquered Kunorp too.


‘Konur Alp’ conquered Mudeana near the Marma Sea of Bursa port in 1321. After conquering the surrounding areas of West Krishnasagar, Kanur Alp’ Bursa city on order of Orhan Gazi. In 1323, the city of Hypian was occupied by the Byzentine Empire. Osman handed over control of the city to his commander Konur Alp. In 1323 he showed disgust in the victory of Bursa. Then his fame spreads all around. History says 1328 died in 1323. Said he was buried in the drown. After the death of Konu Alp, his responsibility was given to Murad first.

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