What Is SEO and How Its Works?

What Is SEO and How Its Works?

Do you have a website, do you want to rank your website in search engines, then this guide will help you. Read this article and implement seo. You can rank your website positions on search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a part of digital marketing. With the help of seo, you can rank your business, blog, and website position on search engines. Also, helps to get users engagement from search engines. in this article. I will share all about seo. So here and read it completely. In this guide we will learn all about seo and cover the following points.

  • What is SEO?
  • Types of seo
  • On page Seo and its factors
  • Off page seo and its factors.
  • Final words

So are you ready to know all about these. Let’s start moving to our first topic.

What is Seo?

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. Seo is a part of digital marketing. That helps us to grow and rank our business, product, website or any other digital product that we need to rank in search engines. This part is just
implementing on search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo, or any other. With the help of seo, we can get engagement from users or get traffic to our product, business, and website. These engagements or traffic may give you a Sale or you can generate revenue from them.

Types of seo

There are two types of seo at this time

  • On page seo. This part of seo is implemented while listing our product or publishing your post on blog or website to improve seo and easy ranking on search engines.
  • Off-page seo. This art of seo is implemented after listing of product or publish of post on website or blog. This part of seo helps to get signals from all over the internet for your post and product. So let’s discuss the factors of these types of seo and I will also give you some helping materials that are concerned with these types.
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On-page seo factor

Let’s discuss the point.
In this we discuss the factors of on-page seo to know all about this. So


Title of Product or post is very important to tell what is the name of your product or what your post is about?. This part of a product or post appears in a search engine. If the title is effective then you can easily catch the users. You can also read this guide to know more about Keyword Research to get help about finding effective keywords or titles.


The first two-line or first 160 characters appear in the search engine. If you describe your product in two lines, then may be users will want to read more about the product or post. Make sure the keyword that is included in title is also put in description section


URL is the link of the post. If your url is short, then your post may easily rank in search engines. These 3 points are concerned with each other because these 3 parts appear in search engines. If your SERP is effective then your post will rank easily.


Media or images of a post or product are very helpful to know about your product or post. These images are also helping you get easily ranked. Mostly users search images in search engines. If your media or graphics are eye-catching then you can easily catch the users.


Make sure that your content is user friendly and easy to learn or easy to know. If user comes to read content on your link and your content is hard to know, then it may increase the bounce rate which will effect on your ranking. These are the factors of on-page seo. Hope this will help you a lot. You can comment or contact us to know more about this. We also help you to get ranking

On-page seo factor:

In this we discuss the factors of off-page seo to know all about this. So let’s discuss the point.


Indexing of product or post is very important. All search engines provide you a webmaster site to index your website or any link. You can use them to index your link. Once it’s indexed now it’s time to move to get the signal.


Backlink or signal helps you to increase the power or ranking. If your post or product has high domain authority backlinks, then your post easily ranks in search engines. Make sure that your backlinks are safe and secure and not from any spam domain. If your post gets spam backlinks then it may affect your ranking

Sharing and commenting

This method also helps to get signals or backlinks. Search on google or bing about your post the find other sites related post. Open it and comment below on that post with your name and your link. Once admin approves your comment, you will get one backlink. Sharing link on social media like facebook, instagram or any other sites is very helpful to get social signal. You can easily attract social media users to your post or product.

Final Words

These are the basic information about seo. If you want to know more and get advanced level training, we will help you.
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