What Is Nanotechnology And Future Ideas

Nanotechnology And future Ideas

Technology and humans have been together since the beginning of the world. However, the difference between the beginning and today’s technology is of earth and sky. Humans developed axes and other tools for cutting trees and other objects that were the early technology created by humans. Today The world is becoming more modern, science and technology have developed extremely fast and provided new things to man

Humans are using thousands of facilities at home through computers and internet, and due to many machines, many tasks are done in minutes and some with just a gesture. The fastest growing technology in today’s age is G-Nano Technology. In a few years The speed at which technology has advanced can predict what it will look like in the future.

Nanotechnology is called the nanoscale of matter at the nano scale. Nano means objects that are approximately one million times smaller than the tip of a needle. If we put three or four items in a row and measure the length of that row is one meter There will be one billion parts of what we call nanometers. Therefore, if we invent material objects in which atoms are installed in a fixed place, then this is actually nanotechnology. It means inventing such an invention, which Every atom needs to be present in its designated place for its function. This function is called nanotechnology.

Some scientists believe that many of the revolutionary changes that will occur in science and technology in the 21st century will be due to nanotechnology. It was obvious that nanotechnology has made a lot of progress over the years The great revolution that information technology created at the end of the twentieth century, nanotechnology will bring a bigger revolution in the twenty-first century. A revolution that will give every industry and every sphere of life a new direction. The state of nanotechnology is that its Every technology can change for a reason.

The future of this technology is believed to be very bright. However, it raises questions about how safe the objects made with it will be. Several specific researches and reports prepared in different countries cast doubt on its safety aspects. It has been done. But there is a danger that it could cause severe damage to people’s health and the environment. The raw materials used in this technology are actually all the objects special in the birth of living and inanimate objects Building blocks or bricks used in a house.

Matter is used in nano at a very small level. A nanometer is a trillionth part of a meter. That is, if ten atoms of hydrogen are added one after another, it will be a nanometer. One DNA molecule is two and a half nanomart. Of blood A cell is 5,000 nanometers and a human hair is 80,000 nanometers thick. This shows how nanoengineering works at a very tiny level.

Nano is not only very small material size but also has a variable properties. Bringing radiation to a nano level makes it so flexible that it is pulled at room temperature compared to normal copper. Wire can be made fifty times longer. Even straight and harmless objects can be very toxic at a nano level.

Many objects are being made by connecting living cells and matter with inanimate atoms. Today, equipment made with this technology is available in the market. Clothes that are resistant to the fall of tea, coffee and food items. And items used for medicine, makeup and fashion are also being made with the help of this technology.

In these cases, experts fear that the medicine or cream made in this way can penetrate into body cells and destroy them, damage DNA or remove the blood-brain barrier, including brain and blood. It is difficult for medicines to cross this fine line between. While many people are happy to see the use of this technology in food items and medicines, scientists and environmentalists are concerned. Experts have warned that this technology will deteriorate Y more powerful It will happen, its effects on human society will be equally overwhelming.

Stanford University professor Paul Seifu says it is extremely important that we formulate policies about the use of nanotechnology. He believes the lessons we have learned from atomic bombs and nuclear technology over the past fifty years are very important. We first created atomic bomb and then we made regulations, so that people don’t start dropping bombs blindly. We still don’t know where this kaha ni will end. Same thing will happen with new technologies. But despite knowing all these things nino Technology is being overrated, the reason why the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Some experts say it has become necessary to create new rules for the proper use of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology means objects that are almost one million times smaller than the tip of a needle. It is thought that in the coming years the technology will cause human Life will have revolutionary changes. Experts think batteries dying in just a few years will be mocked to people, as Nanotechno LoG has made batteries that last for years.

Scientists at MIT University in the United States believe that in a few years it will be easier for US soldiers to transport goods from one place to another through nanotechnology. Where at that time, a soldier would have to carry 10 or 15 kilograms of load. Well, in a few years it will only be 10 or 15 grams left. According to a report by the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering, nanotechnology could benefit humanity tremendously.

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