What Is it Like to Eat Eggs For Breakfast?

What Is it Like to Eat Eggs For Breakfast?

Breakfast is very important for people of all ages, that is, children or adults, men or women, young or old, everyone should have breakfast. There is probably a house where a person is leaving the house in the morning without having breakfast. Even if they do not feel like having breakfast, the women of the house must give a glass of milk because they know that breakfast is for our health. Very important.

There is a famous saying that breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a poor.
Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but have you ever wondered if your breakfast choices could cause cancer? Eating too many eggs a day could increase cancer risk, according to new research.

How do eggs play a role in cancer risk?

According to a study, experts analyzed previous combined studies on egg use and the risk of death due to dietary cholesterol and various causes such as heart disease or cancer.
After a systematic review of 55 studies, experts concluded that eating an extra egg a day can increase mortality risk by 7 percent and cancer risk by especially 13 percent.

People who ate eggs only twice a week were safe from the risk of early death.
Experts advise eating colorful, plant-based diets and adding plenty of exercise to daily routines to avoid the risk of disease in the long run.

Health benefits of eggs:

1.Healthy Immune System
2.Weight Loss
3.Better energy levels
4.Healthy skin and hair
5.Good memory
6.Better management of cholesterol levels

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