What Asset is Used to Build a Remarketing List

What asset is used to build a remarketing list: The footprints left by remarketing may be the best identified by the target audience. Users are more than aware of its existence, not so much of how it works. That is why in today’s post we are going to delve into this type of strategy that can bring such good results to our marketing strategy .

What is remarketing

The remarketing ads or retargeting are those that are geared to impact an audience that has visited our website. Retargeting, by definition, seeks to recover that user who can become a customer but needs a little help.

It is common for our customers, before deciding to make a purchase, visit our page and view our products and / or services repeatedly. And finally, after evaluating different options, they decide to complete the purchase or contract. To facilitate and speed up the purchase process, there are remarketing ads that, as we have already mentioned, are only shown to those people who have shown some interest in what our business offers.

what asset is used to build a remarketing list:

Guide about remarketing

Types of remarketing

Before starting to work on our remarketing list , we have to assess what type of remarketing technique we are going to use. Next, we leave you six types of remarketing that can help us depending on the type of business or needs we have.

1 Dynamic remarketing

Within the remarketing strategies , we must highlight the importance of dynamic remarketing with adwords that not only impacts again the users who have shown interest, but also allows personalized ads based on the audience to which it is directed and the products that has visited.

In addition, due to its particularities, it allows the creation of different types of ads that extract information directly from our website (image, description, price) and that will save resources when creating different ads depending on the type of user.

2 Site Remarketing – Standard

With this type of ads we will impact different users depending on how they have been browsing our website. If they have included a product in the cart, the content they have viewed, if they have marked any of our products as a favorite, etc.

In addition, we can reach this type of audience both through different web platforms and their social networks.

3 Mobile

The use of mobile for the acquisition of goods and services is gaining popularity, which is why mobile remarketing is increasingly important when working on this type of strategies. We can find this type of adwords in the form of banners in the different mobile applications of our potential clients. These will redirect you to our website where we hope you can finalize your purchase.

4 Search remarketing

This type of remarketing will base its actions on the user’s search intention as well as on the keywords used by the same. Both on our website and on other websites. If we are able to interpret this information well, we can anticipate our clients, knowing exactly what they are looking for and where they are in the sales funnel.

5 Remarketing de video

As its name suggests, it will capture and monitor potential customers who have interacted with the different videos; on websites, YouTube itself and applications. It is a format that works very well due to the nature of it.

6 Remarketing by distribution list

With this type of remarketing we can target our campaigns towards a specific audience that we have generated, either through subscribers to our newsletter or through our CRM.

Retargeting on Facebook and Google 

It is a technology that is based on cookies, to “anonymously follow our public. 

To create a campaign on these two platforms we will have to have a series of essential elements that we will see below.


  • Facebook page.
  • Install a pixel on the web. 
  • Create a personalized audience from visitors to our website or from a list.
  • Create a remarketing ad that can include variations. 


The procedure is very similar to the one we have seen in the previous section, with the uniqueness that in Google Adwords we can create display, YouTube and search remarketing campaigns. The most important step, without a doubt, is to create the retargeting audience. And the best way to run an efficient campaign on both Google and Facebook is to have digital marketing professionals . 

Advantages of remarketing

Working on remarketing and retargeting in Google Ads can bring us a large number of benefits for our business, here are some of them. 

  • Target audience segmentation: This will make us more precise when targeting our ads. 
  • Increase the return on investment: by being more concise and going directly to an audience that has shown interest, we speed up the sales process. 
  • Allows you to create specific lists based on the audience we are going to address. 
  • It reinforces the brand image by making us more visible. 

Final words

These are just some notions about how remarketing or retargeting works to achieve an impact on potential customers who, for whatever reasons, have not finished making their purchase with us. Since they have shown some interest, we should not pass up the opportunity for them to finalize their purchase. Although it does not guarantee in any case that 100% of the users we have impacted will become customers, it is a good technique to avoid losing them along the way. 

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