Global Climate Change Increased Alarmingly Disturbance For Environment

Global Climate Change Increased Alarmingly Disturbance For Environment

Global climate change has increased alarmingly due to disturbance in the natural environment of the planet. It is probably not wrong to say that the bigger problem than terrorism is climate change caused by torrential rains, flood trains, Tornadoes, hurricanes, extreme heat and snowstorms have taken a toll on every kind of life. Also billions of dollars in losses and it continues.


The cause is increase in greenhouse gases, harvesting of rainforest, increased coal and oil use and increasing population pressure on cities. In addition, the multinational institutions, industrial factories and corporations competed with each other and greed for more profits This is the best way to go. Human and moral values have also been ignored. This chaos has made the earth’s atmosphere more random. We don’t tire to say that it’s all from nature, but ignore the fact that we too are involved in this deformity and Equal partners in increase in pollution.


The background is that the First Industrial Revolution took place in Britain in 1860 and the wheel of industrial development started to spin. At that time, there was not much impact on the natural environment. However, after the Second Industrial Revolution, which took place in the United States in 1962, Climate change has been somewhat felt and global temperatures recorded an increase of index zero to five degrees. America in the Second Industrial Revolution in 1955, when there were factories for automobiles, electrical appliances, heavy machinery and various household items. You were attached to him. European countries have also started setting up such factories.


Improvement of environment is everyone’s responsibility.

When coal and oil use increased, land, marine and air pollution gradually increased in the sixties and seventies. Environmental distortions and increased pollution led to new epidemics. These epidemics lead to the greatest Light up, genie In the last three to four decades, their cure could not be discovered. Corona virus is currently on the top of them. The virus has affected more than four and a half crore people so far and more than twelve lakh of them have died. All over the world. Experts are trying to develop a vaccine for this pandemic.


The virus has not only lost human lives but also cost the world billions of dollars in deficit. The world economy, industry and trade have been greatly affected. Societies and norms of life have been disintegrated. Despite all these facts Global warming and climate change rejects quack in the world, especially in the United States and its far more scientific and environmental institutions. US President Donald Trump has also separated the United States from the Paris Global Environment Protection Treaty The world is amazed at it.


Trump says it’s a potion made by some scientists and experts that he’s disturbing the whole world, climate change is a result of natural process and has no human intervention and is part of natural process that has been going on for thousands of years Scientists and geologists and environmentalists around the world have not concurred at all with the opinions of Trump and some American scientific institutions.


They all say that global warming, climate change and increase in pollution are an open fact that cannot be denied. There is a big hand of human action in this perversion and we cannot escape from our responsibilities.
Research conducted over the twenty-first century, and global conferences in this regard, have shown that increasing use of coal and oil, massive emissions of harmful gases, smoke and pollution are severely affecting the atmosphere.


Experts have repeatedly warned the world about global warming and climate change. Experts say contaminated water, vegetables, fruits and food items are also spreading, affecting children and adults more. Experts claim This is it That if degradation in the environment is the result of natural action, then it should be eradicated naturally, but degradation in natural environment on earth and the problems facing the biology on it are the result of human action and unnatural factors, which cause air, water and Toxins and chemicals are getting added to the earth. In this way, the negative burden on the earth’s natural environment

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