The Universe Is Expanding But Why

The Universe Is Expanding But Why

Our universe is expanding, many people must have heard of it, but in the 1990s, experts were about to make such a discovery, which led to a revolution in the astronomical field. Experts knew before the discovery that this universe was the Big Bang, meaning the dot. From the beginning, rapid expansion of matter and energy has come into existence, and it was thought that today, over 13 billion years, its spread should be reduced, but the results say otherwise. In 1998. The discovery was attended by an international team of astronomers, which included American astrophysicist Dr. Adam Rees, Australian astrophysicists Dr. Bryanschmidt and Dr. Sole Perlemter.


These scientists were examining light coming from a type of supernova, called Supernova Type One A. When a large star reaches its final age, it explodes in the form of a powerful explosion and its contents into space Co spreads, after which new stars are born from the same material and the explosion is named a supernova in astronomical terms. There are 2 types, including type one A and type 2, supernova type 2 explodes a star 8 times larger than our sun and later becomes a neutron star or black hole, while type one A has a pair of stars Happens, those have a dwarf star while its companion could be any other star.


When another star reaches its last age, the dwarf starts to attract the matter from its surface and when the amount of matter contained in this dwarf star exceeds 1.4 times more than our sun, this dwarf starts in the form of a powerful explosion. Explodes. Remember that in 1929 the famous scientist Edwin Hubble first discovered that the universe was expanding and then many scientific theories were proven wrong, considering the same cosmic expansion experts on this global team did Present three types of thoughts about the following.


1-Decrease in the spread of universe: If the spread of universe is decreasing over time, the light of this mathematical-assisted supernova will increase.

2- The Universe expansion at a specific speed: If the universe is spreading at a certain speed, the supernova light will be equal to the calculated light.

3- Expansion of the universe: If the universe’s expansion is accelerating, the supernova’s light will be less than the calculated light.


The world team first discovered with the help of mathematics how far this supernova is from Earth at the moment. The calculation of how much light should reach the Earth, as well as the amount of light coming when viewed from large telescopes was calculated It was less than quantity. Experts were very surprised to see this and thought that maybe there was some fault in the telescope, which is why the data is coming out wrong, but when the telescope was turned to another supernova of the same type, it was found that it was the data. Not a fault in the telescope but heralds a surprising discovery.


At the time, these experts were unaware that they had made a discovery that would disrupt the field of astronomy, after this experiment proved to be the third of these 3 ideas, according to the time in the universe’s eruption Growing fast along, but now it was worth considering that usually we see if there is an explosion the speed of dispersing matter decreases over time and if the Big Bang theories that scientists are in favor Majority is found. If it is seen, it is also called the explosion of the universe from the starting point of the Big Bang. So today, after almost 13 billion years, the spread of the universe should also be reduced. I didn’t come on.

So the question arises, what is it that is accelerating the expansion of the universe?

To understand this, these experts came up with another term, which is called “dark energy” in astronomy. It should be clear that if the word “dark” is used with anything in astronomy, it means that the science of that thing is. Don’t know much about nor has it ever been observed, but it’s effects are seen everywhere in the universe. The effects of dark energy are seen to us in the rapid expansion of the universe, then a question arises that if dark energy exists and cosmic expansion continues, then why did the sun not move away from the earth in billions of years?

Or why do stars still exist in galaxies?

We also hear that our milkyway galaxy and neighboring galaxy are getting closer to Andromeda, so how true is this? . As dark energy is cosmic expansion, the universe has been “tugging” between gravity and cosmic expansion since eternity. For example, gravity has a greater effect on the distance between planets, the sun in the solar system than that of dark energy, which is why we do not see cosmic expansion here, while if we take a closer look at distant galaxies, it is clear. It happens that these galaxies are so far away from us that at such a distance, the effect of dark energy beyond gravity is visible, which makes these galaxies seem to be going away from us.


Scientists have just begun to uncover the top secrets of the universe, and the up-and-coming scientists have a golden opportunity to expose the hidden secrets of the universe to the world and contribute to space conquest. But at the same time, the question also arises whether Will scientists ever be able to uncover the hidden secrets of the universe?

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