Short History Of Pakistan Part 4?

Pakistan’s existence was disturbing India from the beginning. He wanted to make Pakistan a part of his country by any means. For whom this war was started. India thought that Pakistan is stable. It’s only 12 years and this military power is not even enough to face such a huge Indian army which had modern war equipments from Russia for which India had spent so much money. It was said that Indian people were spitting for food. But Hindu forgot that he is going to fight a Muslim for whom fighting an infidel is “Jihad” and Jihad is done with only two ideologies. And. L, that if a Muslim returns after winning the war, he will be called Ghazi and others will say that if he loses his life during the battle, he will not regret that the “martyr” will be destroyed.

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In 1896, India tried to defeat Pakistan on the Run Coach Front, but they faced humiliation. On which the Indian Prime Minister announced that now we will make Pakistan taste taste better by choosing Mirzi’s front. Therefore, India was connected from three sides of Lahore till September 6. But what did Pakistani forces stop them? Then, within seventeen days, Indian forces launched arrows and arrows but could not advance an inch. In the middle of the night of September 16 and 22, India attacked the Chanda front with tanks, but only AAP Pakistani tanks forced hundreds of enemy tanks to retreat. It was the biggest battle of tanks since WWII.


During the seventeen-day war, Pakistan’s brave aircrafts destroyed 300 aircrafts in combat and 200 aircraft on the ground. 90 aircrafts were shot down from the plane crash cannons. The world has expressed surprise and appreciation for the great achievements of Pak Air Force. It’s done. Pak Navy’s victory in the naval war is notable in the advantages of Pak Navy’s battles in the maritime war. This is a memorable part of the history of Pak Navy. The devastation of the sow in the foreign newspapers is a big secret. Tea happened. Bur Tanvi newspapers have specially mentioned that India is having its first naval shelling on its soil after World War I. He praised the courage and preparedness of Pak Navy. Especially because the opposing force was more than that, I was just more. Only in 1863, the flow of this car did not allow the enemy to obey him in the sea.


The passionate people of Pakistan also played an important role in encouraging and strengthening these armies. They were ready to do something about their armed forces. When the war broke out with the people of Lahore. When it was reported that food, pickles, clothes, cigarettes, everything that was within reach of the young man fled to the border to give to his young men. Old men died and women were on the side of the road when the troops moved towards the border. Praying for protection, asking for ways to help them and to greet the children with devotion. Sisters pray to Allah for their protection.
The poets were writing national songs to express their feelings, so the singers were joining the atmosphere as prayers. It means that the whole country was involved in the war but there was no fear of it. Pakistani people in the air, Pak Air Force Falcon. The kite-flying action looked like it was a kite flying competition and as enemy planes crashed, there was a kata noise. In this war, our nation proved that they will make every sacrifice alongside Pak Army in every trial hour. Who’s ready for this?


It was a battle of courage and courage. If India had a large number of weapons and ammunition, Pakistan’s Ghazi would have been devoted to loyalty. Huge number of foreign journalists and commentators were present all over the borders and nobody even thought about it. There was no doubt that the Pakistani nation united and defeated a bigger and more powerful enemy on every front. Defense of three Pakistani armies and sacrifice of people is a bright chapter in our history.

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