Short History Of Pakistan Part 2?

Short History Of Pakistan Part 2?

In the wire of the US Embassy in Dutti, it is said that the murder was neither a local incident, nor was it related to the Pashtunistan movement nor the fact that Syeda Kaband Sebi Januni who was Begum Ranaliqat was Ali Khan’s warm temperament Were angry. And in Koratar, about “Niadem”, it was said that the conspiracy was not done in Kabul or Pakistan and in support of his position, the newspaper also explained the incident which is in Karachi. The US ambassador’s secretary had written a holiday with her own hands on her desk diary on October 15, though there was no Quranic or reference to the public holiday with reference to Pakistan or the United States on that day.


And Cora’s secretary soon realized her negligence. And he made the holiday blind on his desk diary. US Ambassador to Karachi spent six and a half minutes with Governor General Khawaja Nazimuddin and Begum Renalqat Ali Khan. First expressed condolences on the martyrdom of Liaqat Ali Khan. Now Khawaja Nazimuddin was the first person to be informed of his martyrdom by Rawalpindi authorities. Newspaper has raised the question that American ambassador was martyred in front of Governor General Pakistan. How was it told that he offered condolences to Begum Ranaliqat Ali Khan.


It is written in the mentioned wire of the newspaper that both America and Britain were not happy with the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was not willing to follow American instructions. Britain was pressurizing Pakistan to support it as it is rich on its issue and America also wanted Pakistan to force Tehran to hand over oil wells and areas (fields) to America. Doctor at the moment. Muhammad Musaaq was in power in Tehran and the Emir was resisting his attempts to seize American oil. Therefore, it was necessary to remove Liaquot Ali Khan from the way. When America did not get Pakistan’s support on Kund Cora issue, America also threatened to fight between Pakistan and America on Kashmir issue.


The secret pact between us will be cancelled, to which Liaqat Ali Khan replied that we have conquered half of Kashmir with sword and we will do the other half as if American pressure is not working. Liaquat Ali Khan demanded that if America breaks the agreement, it will have to vacate its bases in Pakistan. This was very disturbing for America because it wanted to pressure Russia from Pakistani airports. According to the wire, due to the same events, the US decided to kill Liaquat Ali Khan but they needed a Muslim assassin. There was no such person in Pakistan because after independence the feelings of patriotism increased.


There were wings and it was not easy to find any betrayal. America went to Kabul and contacted the American Embassy there. He contacted the leaders of Pashtunistan and convinced them that Liaquot Ali Khan is the only obstacle in achieving his goal. They were and if they could be killed, it would have been easy to become Pakistan, but America also assured them of building Pakistan in 1945. Plus, they were able to shoot immediately. Then directly Kabar should be killed. The Pakistani currency that comes out of its pocket can also be provided by the US Embassy according to the wire. Such bullets were only in the possession of senior US officials and can be obtained from them. According to the wire, the “Nadeem” newspaper cited all the evidence that America is responsible for Liaquat Ali Khan’s martyrdom.


After Liaqat Ali Khan, Khawaja Nazimuddin was made Prime Minister. During his time, several differences emerged and then a political crisis arose, which he also tried to eliminate. Muhammad Khan, who was promoted to the post after resigning as Governor General of Khawaja Nazimuddin on 16 October 1991, was offered Muhammad Ali Bogra as Prime Minister on 14 April 1996.


After Muhammad Ali Bogra became the Prime Minister of the Constitution, a formula was presented which was approved by the National Assembly a day before the National Assembly on 23rd October 1999, on the advice of politicians and scholars, the formula continued that the Governor General passed 11 The Assembly was dissolved in August 1996, resulting in new elections in 1398. Speaker of the time Maulvi Tazuddin appealed the Sindh High Court and Federal Court against the move which was rejected under ideological necessity (it is a political or judicial term for necessity. The history of the country) It started.


The result of this attack on democracy was that the political situation of the country has worsened with the new elections. Opposition parties in eastern province made jagtofer nut and Rohan riots also took place. Muslim League which formed Pakistan is a weak and ineffective party. A student defeated politicians like Noor ul Amin. It was used in Mujhar and border provinces and Punjab. Conclusion came that there was a situation of uncertainty at the Centre, which Major General Iskandar Mirza took advantage of after the snatching of power from Ghulam Muhammad on August 19, he assumed the post of Governor General.

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