Short History Of Pakistan Part 1?

Short History Of Pakistan Part 1?


This country “Pakistan” achieved after millions of sacrifices, in which we are breathing freedom is now a victim of a very critical situation for which we are responsible. Yes! The Pakistani nation itself has made unprecedented sacrifices at every milestone of its history since they stepped foot on this holy land.

Part 2

By closing his eyes like a pigeon, he has brought himself to a place where the Founder of Pakistan and Martyrs of Pakistan cannot easily forgive him on the Day of Judgment. But maybe nature will give us another chance to drink and we will be one let’s not waste it again. With this prayer, I present to you a selection of important events in our national history. Consider it as a humble tribute to our homeland on the occasion of August 15, 2019. (I refrain from my personal opinion on any issue). Alleged assumptions and debates are written that. I have searched from newspapers and the net).


It has been inaugurated. Quaid-e-Azam took oath as the Governor General of the newly appointed state and the Prime Minister of Khan Liaqat Ali Khan on 15 August 1993. The founder of Pakistan could not get much time and opportunity to serve the country after the establishment of Pakistan. Quaid-Azam spent 5 years in subcontinent politics with extreme heat, especially in the last ten years when your health was very obvious, you paid personal attention to new born state affairs which increased your engagement immensely. So the leader has become careless about his health but has not ignored anything in running the affairs of the country. On August 15, 1994, Quaid-e-Azam delivered this message to the nation on the occasion of Pakistan’s first anniversary:


Darulahi, the establishment of Pakistan is a fact that there is no example in the history of the world, I have full trust on my people. Our enemies Bang Dahl keep saying that Pakistan will go bankrupt and Pakistan’s economy will be damaged. Surely their heart buds will blossom, but the desire of the enemies shall not be fulfilled. Our first budget was efficiency, trade is pleasant balance and economic sector is improving.


Due to prolonged illness and tireless work, Quaid-e-Azam died on September 11, 1963. In his short tenure, Quaid-Azam not only took steps to solve the problems of refugees but also the UK’s forward policy in the border province and the elimination of troops from Waziristan. Paktoons were removed to understand that they are also an important role in Pakistan’s politics. He abolished Karachi’s disputed status, ensured the merger of various affiliated states especially Qalat into Pakistan. Bright
Steps taken at diplomatic level to prevent sectarian riots in Punjab.


After the death of Quaid-e-Azam, Khawaja Nazimuddin has been appointed Governor General. However, the honour of this country was taken over by the government and Prime Minister Liaquot Ali Khan and started a parliamentary style government. Taking a quick look at the political affairs and situations of the provinces, he immediately resolved several minor disputes and due to increased political clashes in Punjab, he broke the Punjab Assembly and Cabinet on January 19. Till this time, the constitution of Pakistan has not been made. So, Government of India. Act 147 temporarily declared constitutional basis. Liaquat Ali Khan presented the objectives of the resolution in the National Assembly on 13 March 1999 for progress in the constitution, which was immediately approved by the Assembly. In whose light, IN 1398 was formed after Liaqat Ali Khan after various stages.


13 October 1961, Kulia Kot Ali Khan was shot dead in Rawalpindi public rally. Several stories were narrated regarding the martyrdom of Liaqat Ali Khan. All possibilities and aspects were reviewed in the inquiry led by Justice Muhammad Munir. After “Syeda Kabar”, he was declared a murderer, but that person was also killed on the spot. There is also a theory that the real killer of Liaquat Ali Khan was someone else and Saida Kabar was only used. Immediately after the murder, he was also murdered to keep the original killer a secret. In 1947, the U.S. State Office published some classified papers.


Which proposes this new theory that the responsibility of the martyrdom of Mr. Liyakot Ali Khan may be placed on some major western powers especially the United States of America and UK. The document, now published, shows the date the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi sent to the Foreign Office sent to Washington on October 1, 1941. After being asked numerous questions, this telegram cited the case of Bhopal’s daily “Niadem” on 26 October 1991, charged with the martyrdom of United States of America’s Likat Ali Khan with evidence.

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