Severe Threats To The Environment And Humanity

Severe Threats To The Environment And Humanity

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Severe threats to the natural environment and humanity

Environment or natural environment means they are part of the natural environment, aquatic environment and air environment, everything on and around the planet is part of natural environment, some environmental problems are naturally caused by climate change but human action in the problems And greed has created a lot of problems. Which is deteriorating the natural environment of the planet gradually. But man doesn’t care he is busy with his routine and activities. Environmental science experts, geologists and constantly on environmental issues Saying something. Writing and the problems facing the world are different issues of concerns, interests and economic issues are more important in such a way that man seems unable to do anything.


Whereas the political, economic and social systems of the world are so complex that the weak are retarded and the powerful are speaking out. But the open truth is that the system made by humans can exploit the weak humans but exploit nature and the natural system. Can’t. Because what is being done natural environment is answering to it. The result of distortion from the natural system can be very worrying just have to seriously understand why the temperature of the earth is rising. Why the oceans level Gradually increasing. What are the causes of climate change.


Why are floods looming. Why are torrential rains wreaking havoc. What is global warming doing. Why is the frozen ice melting on the mountains for centuries. Why is droughts and epidemics increasing. In short, it answers all these questions. Man has. He is also aware of natural disasters and the causes of degradation in the environment, but the problem is the same greed, interests, fulfillment of desires and the race and struggle to maintain his own monopoly. Increasing gradual degradation in natural environment The most important issue is the rampant increase in the world’s population. Africa, Asia and Latin America, has no control over their population growth and governments of non-developing countries give this huge human problem a lot of importance.


Severe threats to the natural environment and humanity

The conclusion is that poor countries with higher populations. Poverty, backwardness, ignorance, various prejudices and injustices are common. It is not difficult to assess how terrible a problem is to increase overpopulation in these states and societies. It is the writing of the wall. Eg Central Africa Qi, the eastern fire Take a look at West African countries and their backward societies majority of the people of these countries are not given bread two times, drinking water and medicines to the sick. Unemployment, inflation, ignorance, poverty and injustice are common. Lack of education has led to various prejudices to societies Surrounded Happened. Self-interest and retrogressive groups hold hands with people on the basis of color, race, language and religion.


It has been a tragedy in human history that whenever a nation gained power, merit and wealth it destroyed other societies in the greed of establishing its sovereignty in the greed of more. A prominent example of this renaissance in European countries There are movements. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, European nations took advantage of it after the revival of science, established their domination over other nations, and for a long time the British, the French, the Spanish, the Portuguese and the Asia Eee, african on fire Latin American nations exploited the natural resources of these countries were brutally plundered.


The people of these countries were kept away from education, research, modern science. Instead, in their own colonies, these European countries, by giving air to various prejudices, followed the methods of dividing the societies, which led to today’s development. Acceptable societies sink further into the swamp of poverty, backwardness and ignorance. Then these European powers fought great wars for their own race, language and interests and plunged the world into more problems.


The two industrial revolutions of the nineteenth century and then the twentieth century exposed Western countries to new boundaries of development, prosperity and stability. After the two great wars in the twentieth centuries, European countries began a new era of development and interest struggles under the patronage of the United States What. In which developing countries remain in more deficit. But western countries greed is increasing. Exploitation of natural resources of other countries continue in new ways.

More than one hundred countries in the world use natural coal, soy, copper, gypsum, silver, gold, natural gas and oil in the factories of Western countries to increase their industrial development and production.

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