Protecting The Earth From The Plastic is Compulsory

Protecting The Earth From The Plastic is Compulsory

The use of plastic products is increasing in modern society, the use of paper plastic glass is also increasing in garbage cricket. Most of the developing countries are collecting garbage cricket which consists of thousands of tons per day across the sea. Giving or trying to get rid of it by piling up in uninhabited areas. This is having a severe negative effect on the planet’s natural environment. This is affecting land, sea and natural environments all.


The impact of the terrestrial environment is negatively impacting the terrestrial biology. Marine biology is dying, pollution is causing new problems, epidemics are on the rise. All societies have to play a positive role in this regard. Recent reviews According to experts, if deterioration in the natural environment continues, the day is not far when more than a third of the world’s population will be forced to live in the hottest areas.
Scientists and experts are also concerned that the gradually rising temperature could severely affect human lives and economic activities, including the lifestyle of society. In this case, we could also face new battles. It is believed to be the end of the 21st century.


By the time, the world’s population will exceed eleven billion people. In such a way, in the future natural environment, the problems of human, animal, and vegetative biology, food supply, clean drinking water, clean breathing, other necessities of life and security of societies. This is what I’m talking about All are a question mark. The cause of concern is not merely imaginary or sensational but real. Global warming, climate change and the increase in pollution of all kinds on this planet is an absolute fact not fiction.


The World Environment Assembly, which includes hundreds of scientists and experts, also attended the meeting of the World Economic Forum 2020, expressed deep concern over the deterioration in the natural environment of the planet and its negative effects. What says a lot about cyberspace and a few of its issues including global warming, climate change, the trend of global economy. Most people are aware that the World Economic Forum is held regularly every year in Davies, Switzerland. The Economic Forum is in fact a club of the world’s richest industrialists, bankers, investors and other important figures in the high-life sector.


Those who gather every year in this lush beautiful snowy city as well as reflect on the changes happening in the world, to further strengthen their own interests and to make more wealth. Protecting the earth is compulsory for all of us. If considered, these are the members of the hundred and a half hundred richest families in the world who accumulate about 60% of the world’s wealth. These monopoly families are also thought to be responsible for most of the problems in the world like their immense wealth. Every major forum is expressing their deep concern, expressing sympathy and urging others to solve problems such as global environment, global economy, human rights, and some social issues.


But all these wrong issues are being repeated. There are. What are the reasons behind this? Every intelligent student is aware of this age. Recently UN Secretary-General Antonio Gaitres expressed thoughtful thoughts on the subject of environment in his special address at Columbia University in which he said humanity has waged a war against the natural environment, all our efforts are in vain Aren’t they? Poverty is not decreasing nor food scarcity, our efforts are lacking or neglect. He said that due to degradation and degradation in the natural environment, we also lose most human lives in addition to suffering billions of dollars in losses every year. The time has come Efforts have been made to solve this great problem seriously.


The United Nations Secretary-General recently mentioned the devastation caused by a glacier eruption in the mountains in India’s northern state, incidents and tragedies of this kind continue. Starting to happen.
Protecting the earth is compulsory for all of us. Snowfall in the US state of Texas has disrupted the life system of the entire state. Electricity and water supply have been suspended for a week, where the suspension of electricity or water is considered an unimaginable event. Sudden severe snowfall, according to American sources Ray Texas has blocked all roads, bursted water pipelines, shut down power houses.


Texas weather is warm moderately compared to northern states. Winter brings light snow in some areas but climate change has wreaked havoc with severe storm snowfall across the state. Screwed. Life has been suspended. This terrible experiment has indicated that such a situation can occur anywhere on Earth at any time. This is called accountability of nature. Most of the world’s scientists and experts over and over again. We have been raising awareness of these concerns and dangers but now we need to get serious.


There are more environmental problems in Pakistan including air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, climate change, excessive use of agricultural medicines, soil pollution, floods and deforestation. According to the World Bank report on these issues, environmental conditions in Pakistan Increased the problems The main reasons are rampant population growth, increased carbon dioxide emissions, increased urban population and deforestation.

Protecting the earth is compulsory for all of us.

According to the report, seventy percent of Pakistan’s population is inhabited in rural areas. Problems such as unemployment, inflation, poverty, backwardness, lack of education and lack of public health facilities are on the rise. Agricultural production of the country’s economy, overseas Pakistanis’ exchange, fishing And on to industrial production Depends. Last year the government had launched a tree plantation campaign in the country titled Green Revolution. Government sources claim that more than one billion saplings have been planted all over the country especially in Punjab province and KPK.


Thus, claims of starting this kind of tree plantation campaign have been coming out during the reign of every government, but more than that, news of deforestation in the northern areas and Punjab province have also been common. This is said that in the flood season Deforestation is the major cause of excessive casualties and financial losses. River water flows rapidly in form of flood in Balarukaut, leading to more incidents of landslides, cattle flowing.


Pakistan has more problems. Problems such as weak governance, corruption, nepotism, increase in poverty, lack of basic facilities and unemployment have plagued the public. Issues such as deterioration of natural environment and improving the environment, pollution reduction in the environment are reaching the public. Dancing and all that matter Awareness about basic information should be included in the curriculum.
This kind of positive content should be included in the curriculum of primary classes. Environmental science is a very extensive and most important subject. There are different departments in Western countries regarding environmental science and each department has its own benefits. These separate environmental fields Experts of the country are playing their own significant role in society, health, education, economics, politics and development.


Protecting the earth is compulsory for all of us.
Large portion of this planet is made up of oceans. We have not done any valuable work yet on the ocean, marine biology, marine environments and marine mystery. Marine science is a huge subject in ecology that needs more attention. Most islands and Coastal countries rely more on seafood than land agriculture. In other words, the ocean is a huge vast warehouse for human and other biological food.

Pakistan is one of the lucky countries to have one thousand and fifty kilometer long coastline of coastline. Need to get various benefits from this precious natural gift. News published recently regarding our sea area and beaches And reviews are showing pollution is growing rapidly in the Delta region, located in our marine area. Marine plants, marine biology and the natural environment are severely affecte

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