Improvement of Environment Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Improvement of Environment Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Our air, water are getting polluted. In addition, noise and noise pollution are becoming a major threat to human hearing. In addition, stopping nuclear radiation is also being emphasized. Experts say nuclear power houses and others Nuclear installations pose a risk of nuclear radiation emissions which requires more serious action. Scientists and environmentalists blame modern capitalism and monopoly systems for the erosion. Large multinational industrial organizations and corporations poor Countries’ resources and natural minerals are being exploited recklessly and trampled a lot in the greed of tightening their grip on those resources, which has left the societies of poor countries stunned with hunger, backwardness and poverty.


According to environmentalists, the global tourism sector has made major advances over the past two-three decades, with a major intervention of growing tourists from China and Russia. This growing tourism has led to an increase in global pollution by up to thirty percent. Now millions of tourists every year. Travel to the US, Europe, Australia and other countries has increased air traffic. Garbage crickets and pollution are increasing due to tourist crowds at coastal areas and recreational areas. Traffic on the highways is also increasing, as Europe Tourists also go for tourism by land routes. Travels and ferries are increasing with this.


Scientists are also becoming concerned that new units are being established due to increase in industrial, electricity and casualty production in most countries. On the other hand, increasing population pressure on cities is also increasing pollution. Poverty, deviation from hygiene principles and lack of cleanliness are increasing diseases and pollution. Industrial factories waste in the oceans Lives are being severely affected.

Improvement of environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Fishermen claim that modern methods of fishing and rising sea pollution are reducing many fish species and threatening marine life. Large glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic are melting into the oceans Joining is causing sea levels to rise. This action threatens most islands and coastal cities. It is said that sea levels could rise from five to eight feet in the next twenty-five years.


A major conference of experts and scientists was held on the problem of degradation in the natural environment of the earth in the central Asian state of Tajikistan a while ago. The agenda of the conference emphasized on reducing pollution to a minimum level. Was. The reason was that the glaciers of the mountain ranges located on the borders of the Central Asian states of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and China are melting dangerously.


The German scientist participating in the conference said in his research paper that some countries are developing and experimenting with concealed chemical weapons that are causing harmful effects in the atmosphere and people living in local populations suffer from throat, respiratory and asthma diseases. A Happening. A resolution unanimously presented at the conference said that global temperatures are rising and global warming is a major problem that cannot be denied. Scientists claim that data gathered from the past one hundred years Did you know that most of the month of July was found to be warmer and also the fact that Earth’s temperature has increased by 1.5 degrees in the past thirty to forty years.

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