How We Can the Protect The Earth

How We Can the Protect The Earth

The United Nations World Environment Organization recently declared climate change a major and concerning issue on Earth by nearly twelve million inhabitants. During the survey, general publicists urged world leaders to take the world seriously. showers And take action to eliminate the risks. This is a problem to all biology and survival of future generations on Earth. For the first time, it was a comprehensive survey by the World Environment Organization that included professors, engineers, university students, doctors, journalists, literary intellectuals and NGOs. Officials of And other people were involved.


Common people thought that just as governments punish social evils for violating the law, similarly legislation should be made and those who create environmental distortions and polluters should also be punished by special courts as well as common people. And educate students about climate changes with regard to environment. Most also insisted that governments include all this in children’s curriculum on environmental principles and prevention of deformities.


Climate do justice to natural environment. United Nations Environment Organization has appealed the media to release accurate news on environment, climate change, not to spread sensations. United Nations Secretary General Anthony Gaitres in a recent statement of North India Himalayan Expressed deep concern over the incident of the glacier eruption in the region.


It is clear that the accident has wreaked havoc in the northern Indian state, killing more than a hundred people, including power houses and other installations. Hundreds are missing. Serious damage to property. An important news in terms of global environment is that US President Jobaiden has said Pane Olene has re-participated the United States in the Paris Global Environment Agreement in presidential decisions. Which has been welcomed by all other member countries. It is clear that former US President Donald Trump had separated the United States from the Paris Agreement during his tenure in power. Experts and most scientists exaggerate the news about environment and climate change, while naturally climate change and climate change are part of a natural environment that has been going on for centuries.


In fact, former President Barack Obama, Pope Francis and some other leaders had initiated work on a global agreement to prevent environmental degradation and pollution from rising rapidly, over a hundred and a half leaders at the annual Paris Conference in 2015 and The Paris Agreement is the most extensive among the agreements signed by top authorities so far. Work is said to have begun involving natural coal in the first phase. Measures such as maximizing consumption, using eco-friendly vehicles to reduce air pollution and promotion of solar energy or electric cars etc. Under the agreement, phased pollution, population increase, polluted water emissions and lethal seeds Medicine The use of will be controlled.


The United States, China is the first and third among the largest countries with global pollution, followed by Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and other populated countries. In all the survey reports, reviews and analyses of the twentieth century, environmentalists and geologists call matters concerning and dangerous for the Earth’s natural environment and the survival of the planet and the safety of future generations among them seasonal climate Variations in pollution, polar ice melt, sea level rise, global warming, deforestation, random population growth and epidemics.


More than two thousand events of climate change and global warming have occurred in recent years, including ocean blizzards, hurricanes, floods, forest fires and epidemics and other events. 2020 will hit the forests of the Amazon and Australia G to millions The dollar suffered losses, more than seven hundred people were killed and several villages were destroyed. Similarly, flood trains and snow storms, torrential rains caused tremendous casualties, properties worth millions of dollars were destroyed.


According to recent years of environmental assessments, many human lives have lost their lives due to drought and food shortages in most regions of the world. Drought and civil war in Central and Northeast African countries are horrifying. Hundreds of human lives have been lost due to drought, lack of food, medicine, clean drinking water and indifference. The wildfires that broke out in the forests of Australia’s southern region in early 2020 raged flames for three months.


Fires that ripped through Brazil’s dense forests of the Amazon also killed hundreds of people and caused severe damage, while floods in Afghanistan in 2020 have killed nearly two hundred people. Thousands of cattle washed away in the water, destroying several villages as well The hurricane wreaked havoc in Central America, killing more than two hundred people and massive damage to property. It was all the result of climate change and global warming. The majority of the world’s scientists and environmentalists one It has long been claimed that the biggest cause of degradation in the natural environment on the planet is the rapid increase in air, land and sea pollution.

Protecting the earth is compulsory for all of us.

Air pollution is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, nitro oxide, methane and sulphur entering the atmosphere. The filthy smoke emitted from factory chimneys containing various chemical compounds and particles – human beings, animal T, plants and other biology Co is also extremely harmful. Pollution promoted by human hands include car smoke, airplane smoke etc. while natural air pollution is caused by forest fire smoke, limestone, volcanic ash and particles and other chemicals Inclusive Are. Global warming is also a major cause of greenhouse gases emissions, natural coal and gas use, gasoline and all kinds of dirty smoke

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