How To Write SEO Content For Blog

How To Write SEO Content For Blog

Write Seo Content: The writing of content oriented to SEO is something that worries, and should worry, all bloggers, since it is one of the key points to develop a good link building strategy and to position optimally in the first results of the search engines. Next, we offer you a content writing guide to help you improve your articles and learn how to write them in an SEO friendly way.

How to Write Seo Content


But there is also the opposite case, because there will be those who this SEO sounds like Chinese, that their thing is to write and they ignore the positioning of their websites. This is not the best of ideas either, taking into consideration that nobody is bitter about a bit of relevance to their blog, which after all is what we want, right? What if we can marry both opposites in a middle ground that leaves both satisfied? Write focused on content, but without neglecting SEO to give that extra-optimization to our blog.

Why are we interested in SEO for our blog?

If we want to make a fairly serious blog, we will be interested in optimizing it so that Google positions it as favorable to our interests as possible. Especially if we want to monetize said blog, or even if we have an e-commerce which we want to advertise and make known to the maximum number of people. Taking into account the huge number of blogs that exist in the world right now, standing out in the web search engine par excellence is not an easy task, quite the opposite. So, without a doubt, an extra help would not hurt us at all. That’s where our friend, SEO, comes in.

The most important SEO factors related to content



Use the keywords in the title and in the url. When you do a search, Google starts looking by the title.

Keyword density

  • The first and most obvious, they serve to visualize what we are explaining (you know, an image is worth more than 1000 words).
  • The second, they give a much needed respite to our eyes, tired of reading lines and lines of text.
  • Their third use is that they also help us to better position our blog. By using the keywords in the image filename, title and alt text we are increasing the semantic richness.

Add a clickable meta description

The meta description is a “summary” of the article that will appear below the link to our post on the Google results page. Writing a meta description that catches the potential reader’s attention is a good claim (keep in mind that it should be about 150 characters long ). In addition, it is used to add our keywords. First paragraphs of text Include your keywords in the first few lines of the paragraph. Similarly, try to include them in the first lines after a heading. You can also write synonyms for keywords or very similar expressions. Create a paragraph that encourages reading on.

SEO guide for content writing

Drafting aspects Important points to keep in mind:

  • Originality. The contents must be unique, homegrown or have not been previously published on the Internet.
  • Orthography. Check your content to make sure it is spelled flawlessly.
  • Brevity. Short paragraphs (no more than 3 lines) and short sentences. Avoid abusing subordinate clauses. Always seek the greatest clarity, never leave room for doubt.
  • Creativity. It will help you create different, original and unique content that also attracts the attention of users. For example, make lists, comparisons, talk about great achievements or records, historical curiosities, prominent figures …
  • Tone. Use texts that are slightly informal, carefree, with an agile and dynamic rhythm.
  • Semantics. The use of metaphors and other figures of speech that help you add richness to the text is totally allowed.

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