How to make money as a blogger in 2022
How to make money as a blogger in 2022

How to make money as a blogger in 2022?

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If you want to earn money as blogger then this guide will help you to become a blogger and earn money online. Keep reading this post.

Blogger is a profession in which you have a blog website, where you share informative content about anything like food, technology, insurance, or any other type of category. In this method you need some little investment to start.
your blogging carrier online. So read this post completely.

Hello Readers, I am Adnan, and here I will describe how to make money online as a blogger. In this guide, I will share complete basic information to learn about blogging and also share some tools which helps you in blogging field.
First, let’s talk about blogging budget. To start a complete basic blog website you need a little investment to create your own branded blog with your own desired name.

So let’s talk about the budget.

  • Domain Name: Price $10 per year.
  • Web Hosting: Price $10 per year.

This is complete budget that you need to start a basic blog website for you to make money online as a blogger. In this guide we will learn about the following topics:

  • How to find Keywords.
  • What is a domain name and best sites for purchasing a domain name?
  • Best Platform for blogging (Free and paid)
  • What is Web Hosting and best sites for purchasing web hosting.
  • Basic SEO Knowledge

So let’s start learning about the first point.

How to find Keywords

keyword research
keyword research

Keyword research is the first step that helps to grow your blog site. In this method you will find the questions and queries that a user searches on Google, Bing or any other search engine site. Also, you can use paid software
To get more keywords easily. Here I will share the complete list of sites which helps you to find users questions and
queries. So let’s see the methods.

Google Suggestion

In this method, Google will suggest you what other people’s search on internet using Google search engine. For this simply visit Google and Type “Any Keyword” in the search box. Google will suggest the next word that users also use to Search on internet. I will recommend that you use 4 to 7 Words keyword to get easily ranking on Search Engine

Google related search

This section appears at the end of a page in a search engine. This section also helps you that what people are searching related to your keywords.

For Example: You searched on internet “How to do Seo
Google related search may be suggest that “How to do seo in 2022


This tool is free and paid. If you want to purchase then you can find keywords easily. Otherwise you can use keyword generator that is also provided by ahref to find keywords and volume of searches along with competition.

Other Keywords Reaserch tools list is below.

These are some information about keyword search. This is very useful for writing posts on your blog site.

Also, You can Read This Post to find the keywords for your blog or post in detail.

What is a domain name and best sites for purchasing a domain name?

Domain name is the brand name that represents your blog site. This name was written while searching on the internet. So see that we search ““, ““, ““. These are the domain names and .com, .org, .Net is a domain extension. You can purchase any name with any extension, but one thing that I will suggest is that you purchase a domain name which contains a maximum of 7 characters. Because small name are easy to read and easy to search.

There are so many domain name providers available where you can buy your domain name. Here I will share some of the domain name providers below.

1. Godaddy
2. Namecheap

These are the popular sites to buy domain name.

Best Platform for blogging (Free and paid)

Mostly platforms are available on internet to create blog sites without paying any cost. But these use his own name as a domain extension. That looks like a third class name. Here is the platform which provides you free opportunity to create blog websites. A free platform provided by Google. Domain name Type (
Wix.xom: A Free website builder to create or design your blog Domain name Type (

But I will suggest to purchase a good web hosting to start your own blog sites using WordPress. WordPress is a very easy platform to manage and control your website. Basically, web hosting is storage where you can save data of your
blog and blog posts, like content, media, database and many others. That’s why you need hosting to create a good and reliable site.

Some are the popular web hosting providers are below. Where you can buy hosting easily

  • Hostyingsharp
  • Vibrahost

You can also read this post to Know about the best webhosting companies in Pakistan.

Other popular and best sites are also available, but the cost of hosting may be increased up to $40 per year. You can also use Bluehost and Hostinger to buy hosting for your blog site.

Basic SEO Knowledge

Search Engine optimization
Search Engine optimization

This point will help you to grow your blog post and get traffic and visitors to your sites. Because every blogger wants that peoples visit my site and engage with blog post.

There two parts of Seo

On-page SEO: (This part includes your post title, url, description, heading tags, media, and readability of content)
Off-page SEO: (This part of seo contain indexing, backlinks, sharing and
advertising of blog post)

These are part of seo which is used in blogging. You can read this article to know more deeply about search engine optimization

Now, after creating a complete blog, include 20 posts and important legal pages (Privacy policy, terms and condition, DMCA). You can apply for publisher program to start your carrier and earn money. You can apply Google AdSense, Media net sites to get approval for monetization and making money. These sites have some requirements to
Fulfill them before applying as a publisher.

Final Words:

This is the basic information to make money as a blogger. If you need more information, we will help you to learn more. We also offer some courses and services that will help you more.

Purchase High Authority Domain Names: Price $39 per year

So here is the basic information about blogging, so thanks for being here and see in next interesting article. Thanks

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