How To Make Engaging Posts On Your Fan Page

How To Make Engaging Posts On Your Fan Page

How To Make Engaging Posts On Your Fan Page: Creating a Facebook account for your business or a FanPage is extremely easy. Just write your email, put a name and that’s it. And it is thanks to this facility that anyone, no matter how knowledgeable, can open a FanPage with the purpose of growing their online presence. For those companies that already have an account, it can be extremely frustrating when they don’t see success as easily as the setup was.


When you interact on your personal profile, while you are watching television, eating, or public transport, Facebook notices what your interactions are, what you like, what publications you react to, your friends with whom you interact the most, even what type of advertising you have wanted. When you start a FanPage you are on the other side, now it is you who must find a way to appear in the Feed of whoever is sitting in the armchair at home, looking for interesting things that capture their attention on Facebook.

How To Make Engaging Posts On Your FanPage

In the following list, I will give you some tips that will undoubtedly help make the content of your FanPage more productive and lead your account to success

Make Engaging Posts On Your FanPage

Show your personality

The goal of social media is to be “social” and if your brand doesn’t connect with your customers on a human level, you won’t do much on Facebook. Use your page to be more relatable with the people you want to approach you. Do not behave like an artificial intelligence expressing yourself with established parameters.

Ask questions

Social media is about having a two-way conversation with your potential customers. Asking questions is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase Facebook engagement and gain valuable insights from your audience.

Use images

I’ve already mentioned this, but it bears repeating because visual content really is so powerful on Facebook. Include an image, video, or even gif in every post! These visual aids will grab your audience’s attention more effectively than just text.

Behind the scenes

People love to see “magic done,” so to speak. Whether it’s a look inside a movie making, or going backstage at a concert, it feels unique and special. Sharing customer experiences, photos of employees at work, and other content that provides a glimpse into your business are great ways to promote your brand in a friendly and engaging way.

Give people what they want!

Focus more time and energy on the type of Facebook posts that your buyers enjoy the most. To solve this, go to the “Statistics” tab and see which publications receive the most “likes”, comments and shares. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try something new every now and then, but you should start looking at marketing situations like an expert. A digital marketing agency will focus most of its efforts on what works.

Use fan content

User-generated content is great for Facebook engagement and saves you the hassle of creating the content yourself. Dollar Shave Club, for example, regularly encourages its customers to share photos of their purchases in exchange for gifts.

Don’t Burn The Coconut

Sometimes the Facebook posts that get the most engagement are the simplest with a minimal amount of text or images. Therefore, it is not necessary to speak to the audience of your audience. The key is to understand your buyer and take advantage of certain phrases and ideas that resonate with them. Some carefully chosen words are better than a tirade.

Sometimes a simple text-only status update will be BIG!

Be persistent

Success with Facebook marketing doesn’t happen overnight; It takes time. Increasing your engagement on Facebook requires the persistence of being active on the platform. So do not be discouraged if at the beginning you do not get the amount of “Likes” that you expect, as long as your content is good, attractive and original, your FanPage will be taking its way towards your goal.

Love your Facebook followers

You can tell the difference between a brand that caters to its fans and one that simply uses Facebook to promote its products / services. Brands that “love their fans” have loyal customer communities who ask the brand to take their money. Some simple ways to show your attention include:

Responding to comments

  • Share posts created by your fans
  • “I like” publications where your brand is mentioned
  • Giving away free stuff or random discounts

Have fun

Social media is a serious marketing tool, but that doesn’t mean you should be serious about it. Have fun with it! Create a funny meme. Get up close to the trends of pop culture. Act like a human having fun and your fans will be more likely to interact with your page.


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