How to Create a Membership Site

How to Create a Membership Site and Increase Income

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How to Create a Membership Site?

Do you know what a membership site is and the benefits it can bring? In this post you will discover what membership is , its characteristics and advantages, as well as the best tips for setting up your own membership site

What is a membership website or membership site

A membership website or membership site is a website that has content of interest or of great value to users and makes it available to them in exchange for a subscription that is paid in certain regular periods of time.

The content is accessible to users as long as they continue to maintain their membership , and in case of canceling it or not paying the subscription amount, the user will lose access to the exclusive content for members.

Some well-known examples are: Spotify, Netflix, or Envato.

Membership site features

All membership websites typically meet common requirements and characteristics . Some of these characteristics that our membership site must have are the following:

Unique and quality content

Any subscription website must offer quality content for its members and that it is impossible to find anywhere else on the internet, otherwise it will not be worth it for the user to acquire a subscription to our site.

The logical thing will be to create content that is associated with the interests of our users, making it relevant to them . In this way, it will be easier for them to perceive the subscription payment as something positive and profitable.

Subscription price

The membership site have fixed prices for subscription users . This is one of the characteristics that we will have to take into account the most, since the price of the subscription is one of the variables that most influences the purchase decision of our users.

It may be a good idea to create several plans with different prices that adapt to the pockets of different users, which will make us lose fewer subscriptions due to the price of the plans.

Payment terms

Membership sites define deadlines for payment of dues to their members. Typically monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment periods are offered.

It is important to offer several payment and billing options , as this will make the subscription purchase decision easier for users, making the plans more flexible.

Subscription level

Sometimes, some membership sites have different subscription levels , which grant more or less access rights to the content depending on the fee paid or the membership plan purchased by the user.

Membership benefits

If we choose to set up our own membership website, we can obtain the following benefits:

Generate income

A membership site can generate income for us through the payment of subscriptions by users.

Better positioning as a professional

With a membership website you can get a good reputation as a professional in a subject, which will help us to make users look for us more and trust us more for some specific tasks.

Generate customers

On a membership website, if we manage to retain our customers, it is common for these customers to attract others and thus easily generate a value chain.

As we have seen, a membership website can bring us many benefits if we generate the right content for it. In addition, creating a membership site can give us a reputation as professionals, which will boost our career.

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