Guide to Find Domain For Your Website 2021

Guide to Find Domain For Your Website 2021

Surely you have read that having a page is very simple and that anyone can do it. It’s true? Of course. Now, it is if you know what you are doing and make the right decisions, and one of the first and most important is the domain of your page. Choose the wrong one, and everything will be more complicated. And how can you tell if it is good or not? Following the tips below, where we tell you how to choose the perfect domain name for your website.

And we also give you a trick in case you can’t think of any. 😉

How to get your domain (almost) for free

To get a web domain , there are basically 2 ways: through a domain registrar or with the hosting you hire. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, although of course, the main advantage of acquiring it with the accommodation is that it is usually “free” .

Be careful with this though.

To begin with, because despite being a very widespread practice, not all companies give away the name for your website. But it is that if they do, they only include it during the first year . Because yes, the domains have to be renewed every so often (the normal thing is that it is year after year) and once that period has passed, you have to pay it. So keep an eye on how much it will cost to renew it after the promotion has passed to avoid surprises.

It’s Very supporting to Know About Domain SSL and It’s Importance

Domain for your Website
Domain for your Website

The 6 + 1 keys to choose the perfect web domain name

Whichever path you choose, there will come a point where you will have to decide which domain to choose for your site. And as we tell you, it is a very important step. Keep in mind that the domain will be the name of your website and how people will find it, which is why you should not choose it lightly. But do not worry because by following the advice that we give you below, you will see that it is very simple.

1. The simpler the better

This is something basic and we could almost say that it is the golden rule: your domain should be as simple as possible . And it must be at all levels. What do we mean? For starters, it has to be easy to remember so that people can return to your website and share it with their loved ones. It should also be easy to write , to avoid confusion and mistakes. This invalidates domains with strange or very long characters, but also combinations that can lead to errors.


For example, if you have want to create digital marketing agency website in pakistan. Choose doamin ( against To summarize, apply the KISS method of  Keep It Simple, Stupid! (keep it simple, stup.).

2. Which extension is better?

Following the previous advice of simplicity, and as a general rule, his thing is that you always opt for the .com , or .net if it is not available. And what about territorial domains like .es? Of course, they are a valid option if you are interested in positioning yourself in a specific country . Even so, our advice would be to opt for the international options because, what is the point of “limiting” a global invention like the internet to a specific territory?


Regarding the less common extensions (.shop, .info, .top…) they are also a valid option and do not affect anything negatively. And finally, if your budget allows it, it is not a bad idea to register the domain with the most popular extensions. This way, you make sure that no one else can use them.

Domain for your Website
Domain for your Website

3. Don’t use a registered name

Here there is no discussion that is worth half measures, do not include a registered trademark name in your domain. Unless you have permission, of course. Because if the owner of the name notices and tells you that you have to close, there is nothing you can do. And it does not matter if it is a page to tell its benefits or that through it, you generate benefits. So if you don’t want all your work to go to hell, you know. 😉

Keys to choose a web domain

4. EMD or brand domain?

EMD is the acronym in English for Exact Match Domain which in our language, and in a very free way, is translated by exact word domain . That is, you use the keyword as the name of your site as people search for it, such as or And is it a good idea to opt for this type of domain? Well, it all depends on what you want to achieve with your website. Because if you have a physical business in a locality, and you want people to find you through that type of search (for example, then it is a good idea.


But if you want to use your site to create a brand , then it is better to go for a non-EMD one. And if not, you can always go down the middle road and register a hybrid such as

5. Share it with your friends and family

This is something that is worth doing before buying the domain, even if you are very clear about it. Because having the feedback of other people , it helps you to buy if it is easy to remember and write and who knows, maybe someone will come up with a better name. Another reason to do this is if you can’t come up with a name that you like.

6. How is your competition?

Competition on the internet is a reality. No matter what type of website you have or its theme, there will already be someone who will have done it before you. But that doesn’t have to be bad. What’s more, it even has its positive side. On the one hand, because if there is no competition, it may mean that it is not profitable in economic terms (unless it is a unique or very novel idea). But it is that if there is one, it is a very useful source of information to know which is the way to follow. As for example, see what type of domain it uses and the extension.

Bonus: use a domain generator as a starting point

For those times when you can’t find inspiration, or just don’t like starting from scratch, you can use a domain builder. What does it consist of? Well, in a tool in which you write words related to your website and that when you press a button, it shows a whole series of possible combinations on the screen . That is why they are great for getting new ideas. And of all that there are, we recommend because it not only generates many ideas, but also orders them by theme:

  • Common.
  • New.
  • Short
  • Fun
  • SEO.
  • And many more.

It even allows you to choose which domain registrar you want to buy it with.

This is everything you need to know about choosing your domain

As we told you at the beginning, the domain you choose can mark the good (or bad) address of your website, so take your time and follow the advice above. That to remember them quickly and in summary are:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Don’t use a registered name.
  • Except in some cases, always choose .com.
  • Better a personal brand domain + keyword.

And don’t forget to share it with other people, it’s the best way to make sure the name works.

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