Global Warming And Cooling Both Are Major Threat For Environment

Global Warming And Cooling Both Are Major Threat For Environment

Two more reviews have emerged during the year 2020-21 show rapid changes are taking place in Morocco’s great desert region. Global warming has also changed the region’s climate situation, extremely cold at night extremely hot during the day All the greenery has disappeared, rocky earth has emerged from the sand in some areas.


Bored The negative effects of global warming on different parts of the world are obvious to everyone, but the world is really surprised by the detailed and astonishing report on Russia’s snowy areas and beaches.
Bored. Russian sea ice is gradually melting due to global warming and ice of the vast ice region of Siberia especially in the land regions. Experts say that if Siberian region is emptied of ice, this world will be the world. Ka will be the most fertile region. Along with this, natural mineral reserves within this soil can be extracted.
Students from the fields of environmental science and geology are well aware of the serious problems facing this planet and the concerns and dangers facing our earth at present our earth, all the living beings on it, face from the serious problems of the natural environment.



Recent Group Experts and scientists distributed an open letter to conference participants addressing the environmental issues facing the Earth, however environmental issues and climate change were at the top of the agenda at the recent conference of Group Seven. Global warming and cooling: both major threats
The serious concerns and risks experts mentioned in the open letter include significant global warming, climate change, land, air and water pollution, acid rain, increasing population pressure in cities, cracks in the ozone layer, garbage cricket settlement issue, forests Dog harvesting The negative effects include, the gradual destruction of wildlife and marine biology, rising sea levels, snowstorms, torrential rains, droughts, food shortages, hunger, famine. In the sixties, US President John F. Kennedy had said, “Our Zia” Ten problems and troubles Man himself is responsible.


It is clear that voices began to rise in the sixties regarding environmental issues. The general public had very little awareness, as the Cold War was at its peak, the Soviet Union, the United States, France and the UK conducted a series of underground and underwater nuclear experiments. Start As it was, in this era most peace-loving NGOs were voicing out nuclear experiments at their doorstep as a great threat to global peace and the natural environment.


In these circumstances, most of the young people in European countries also founded their non-governmental organization “Green Peace” for the protection of humanity and the natural environment.
It was founded in 1971 in Amsterdam, Holland. The organization’s core objectives and objectives are world peace, protection of the natural environment and the elimination of nuclear experiments. Some changes have been implemented over time, for now it The organization has more than two and a half thousand staff and its annual budget is from two hundred and sixty million euros. More than fifty countries participate in the organization, more young people are among the members.


Green Peace also tolerates criticism from different sectors. Had to be done, some constituencies thought they came from some of the richest families, these youngsters have nothing to do so they started this new series and organization to scare governments and public with natural environments and nuclear experiments Are.
Some circles thought that Green Peace was targeting the Soviet Union and China’s submarine nuclear experiments. All these things were both right and propaganda, as Green Peace was born from the spread of nuclear weapons and pollution to the people in this era Was providing awareness about the concerns and risks happening. Now there are more than three hundred and fifty governmental and non-governmental organizations worldwide including Greenhouse deadly gases, wildlife protection, forest preservation, tree planting promotion and M I am working on awareness regarding environmental protection.


The United Nations Environment Organization has been more emphasis on the promotion of tree planting with significant effects. In addition, more organizations blame poverty, backwardness, illiteracy for the degradation of the natural environment. Former US President Barack Obama in his tenure Authority I had worked on the planet’s natural environment, global warming and climate change and had contacts with just about all heads of state in that regard. In addition, President Obama also had special contacts with Pope Francis But also visited the world’s largest uninhabited island Greenland, where for centuries frozen ice and great glaciers had melted and made a quarter of the island barren.

The world was really thrilled at the news.

Obama’s second achievement was that he signed a global environmental agreement in Paris in 2015, with his efforts, with the full support of Pope Francis, the French President and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which was signed by all world leaders, but Pre US President Donald Trump separated America from the Paris Agreement justifying the argument of some experts that global warming and climate change are merely propaganda of a few scientists, but the most important and interesting thing is that the US secret agency CIA A has recently published a detailed report after a lot of research that is eye-opening for all.


This report summarizes reviews compiled in the past regarding climate change. Surprisingly, it also mentions recent reviews in addition to the past that scientists and experts now conclude. It has arrived that the Earth is facing the same threat from global warming, as if warming and cooling both share equally in the global climate and climate degradation. In other words, now only about global warming. No, you have to be very serious about cooling too.


The incident is that according to a report, global cooling lasted on the earth from the fourteenth to the 500th century, which is also known as the so-called cooling or the ice age. Experts of that era have discussed this situation in their own hands. Provided reviews and also expressed concern. Later stated that during this snowy age, during the era of global cooling, there were famine in many places in the world, due to food shortages, millions of residents were relocating and during this period different countries among themselves. They also fought wars. In the sixth decade of the twentieth century, then in the seventieth century, climate change intensified, which led to food shortages in Russia and India as crops were destroyed, thousands of people starved to death. Were have been


Despite the height of the Cold War, the fact that the United States had sent grain-loaded planes to Russia or the Soviet Union and India is on record. US President Richard Nixon has constituted a high-level committee to probe the whole matter. Committee report According to the warning that drastic increase in oil and natural coal use is leading to increased pollution and climate change. In the meantime, Exon, the largest oil company in the United States, immediately science Formed a committee of experts and experts and gave them the task of preparing a detailed report on the whole situation, after some time the committee presented the same report as prepared by the previous committees or experts.


But a recent US CIA report regrets that no government has taken these reviews and past committees seriously. Experts have cited in all past reviews increasing use of natural fuels and rampant increases in the world’s population Expressed my deep concern on the . Now almost all scientists and experts agree that rampant population growth is the biggest threat.


It turns out that former US Secretary of State and prominent diplomat Dr. Henry Kissinger, addressing the United Nations meeting in the decade of Sattar, summarizing past and present reports, scientists say that climate change. This can pose serious risks to developing and backward countries. Famines, droughts, wars, population evacuation and epidemics. Therefore, everyone must work together to protect climate change and the planet. Dr. Kissinger After this important statement, a large number of politicians and governments in the world began to think in this regard.


Twenty years ago, most scientists and experts started to raise their voices regarding global cooling. Due to the increase of snowstorms, hurricanes and snowfall in Northern Europe, the United States and the North Ocean, there is noise from all sides. Leading scientific journals and Scientific and scientific content is being published in research articles with reference to warming as well as cooling.


Most of the experts’ discoveries regarding global cooling are now proving to be accurate. More research is being done. However, scientists continue to warn that man has done too much for his advancement, luxury and modern lifestyles. Some are at stake. Experts and scientists have repeated that increasing use of plastic is multiplying litter cricket which is mostly being taken to the sea, posing serious risks to

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