Download instagram videos
Download instagram videos

5 best Sites to Download Instagram videos

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Instagram is probably the most popular social network today. The platform, which has already reached the 1 billion active user mark , offers a variety of content formats to suit many niche markets.

As well as photos and illustrations, today it is possible to watch live and direct broadcasts in addition to sharing short and long videos of all kinds of content; from online classes to interviews or more elaborate things like the making of an event, among so many options.

And with a feed rich in relevant content, many want to download Instagram videos to share with groups of friends offline or on other platforms, as well as for personal use. However, it is not possible to Download Instagram videos using the native features of the platform.

Fortunately, there are several solutions so that you can easily save your favorite videos to your computer or smart device. To make your life easier, we put together a list of the best ways to download Instagram videos. But first there is something important that you should know …

How to copy links from Instagram posts

Before knowing how to download a video from Instagram, you must first be clear about how to copy the link of the posts. These links are the electronic addresses ( links ) that lead to the content to download.

This is very easy to do, surely at some point you have opened one of these links or have even shared one with other people. If you already know, we will refresh it for you and if you do not know, pay attention:

If you are on Instagram from the app on a tablet or smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Open any of the videos you want to download,
  • Tap the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen,
  • Select the “Copy link” option.

Copying the link to an Instagram post is much easier if you are using a computer or laptop, just copy the URL into the address bar of the browser.

For those who wonder how to download Instagram videos in a web service, that is, without having to download any program , InstaDownloader is one of those options.

In addition to being easy to use, this tool also allows you to download streams after shutdown and has a feature to download profile pictures.

Downloading a video with this site is very easy, copy the link of the content you want, paste it in the text box of the website and click “Download”. The page will update and load a preview of the selected video, again click the “Download” button and enjoy your video without having to be inside Instagram.


insave instagram downloader
insave instagram downloader

InSaver differs from other options on this list as it is an application that can be installed on mobile devices to download Instagram videos. With it you can download photos and videos from the feed and IGTV. Since the file is saved directly to a smartphone or tablet, sharing these posts with friends or groups is even easier.

To download with this application, copy the link of the video and paste it in the application. Then, select the option “Share”, then a window will open with different options where you must select “Save Video”.

InstaSave Instagram Downloader

instasave instagram downloader
instasave instagram downloader

InstaSave is an application that offers options to save videos, but also “repost” on your profile or share Instagram content on other social networks or chat applications. Its interface is minimalist, so it is easy to use. It is also available for Apple and Android devices .

If you wonder how to download Instagram videos with InstaSave, here is your answer: copy the link to the publication, click on “Paste Link” within the application and select the “Repost” option. If you want to share the content directly to another social network, select the desired option; otherwise, just click “Save Video” and download it.


savefrom instagram video downloader
savefrom instagram video downloader

SaveFromNet is a website that allows you to download videos from various platforms, including Instagram, but it also allows you to download videos from Twitter , YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many other options. It also works as a tool to convert YouTube videos to MP3 .

It is a fast and free tool, so you can download videos very quickly, even if they are on IGTV.

In addition to its page, you can also install the SaveFrom.Net extension in your Google Chrome browser to make downloading Instagram videos even more convenient. The site supports MP4 and HD file quality up to 4K, depending on the quality available in the original file.

Downloading Instagram videos through this website is very simple. Copy the link of the post you want to save, paste it into the text box and click “Download.” Once the video is uploaded, click on the “Download MP4” option or whatever format is selected.


y2mate instagram downloader
y2mate instagram downloader

Downloading a video is a very easy and fast task when choosing this solution, the best thing is that it will not be necessary to install any program . In addition, it will also be possible to download videos from Facebook , Twitter, TikTok and other platforms.

The formats in which you can download from this website are MP4, MP3, FLV, M4V, WMV and WEBM. However, these may vary depending on the file provided. Downloading the audio files is one of the recommended options if you want audios to make Tiktoks .

To download videos from social networks you just need to copy the link of the desired publication and paste the text space on the main page of Y2Mate. After these steps, click “Start”, wait for the video to load and then click the “Download” button or “Get Audio” if you want to transform the content into an audio file.

Before downloading Instagram videos

Download only what you need. Some programs help you download only the audio or portions of the video.
Be attentive to the quality and format of the download.
Take care of the use you make of the material, remember the copyright laws .
Only download from sites with a valid security protocol. Either the site from which you will download the downloader or the web service that will do the job.


Knowing the right tools can make the task of downloading a video from Instagram or any of the social networks much easier. We hope that this article has presented you with useful options that make your life easier.

There are options that work via the web, while others are software and there are even some apps that work on any device, you choose the one that suits you.

Just remember that when downloading videos from Instagram you are responsible for the use you make of said video. Our recommendation is that you avoid commercial use and that, if you will mount it on social networks, share the credit with the creator in some way to avoid any inconvenience.

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