Download facebook videos
Download facebook videos

6 Best site to Download Facebook Videos

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Download Facebook Videos: Have you ever seen a funny, curious, super entertaining or very informative video on Facebook and when you decided to share or show it the page was updated and the video disappeared? This sad scenario is more frequent than we even imagine.

Downloading that video is the most practical way to solve this problem; the content is saved on your computer or cell phone so you can share it with your friends or groups, use it in presentations, for your personal consumption and even as a basis for editing new videos.

However, Download Facebook Videos is not a built-in feature of this social network. The good news is that several websites offer this service quickly and for free. To help you find the best option, we have prepared a list of the 17 safest and most effective tools to download videos from Facebook directly.



If you are looking to download Facebook videos on your cell phone, Getfbstuff is an option for you. Although it not only supports Android and iOS mobile devices, but also Windows and Mac computers.

Getfbstuff is a website that offers the tools to download Facebook videos exclusively in MP4 format and in HD or SD quality .

Its use is completely free and does not require the installation of applications or add-ons in the browser. Everything can be done through your website in just two steps:

Copy and paste the Facebook video link into the website text box and hit the download button. When a preview with the video thumbnail appears loaded , click the three-dot icon near the bottom right corner of the video and select the “Download” option.

Another option that exclusively focuses on downloading videos from Facebook is The site works very well on Android and iOS devices , it also allows you to download videos and even live broadcasts recorded on the social network.

Its most outstanding feature is that it offers the option to download videos without audio or only audio . This feature was created to avoid copyright issues with content that uses legally protected audio tracks. In addition, it has extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers , which allow one-click downloads.

To download your videos on, copy and paste the link of the content you want in the bar of the main page of the website and press the “Download” button. Wait for the page to refresh and click on one of the options that says “Download video…” in either normal or HD quality. If you want to access more settings, click on “More options” and customize your download.



If you wonder how to download videos from Facebook easily and quickly, you should know Getfvid, one of the most practical online tools to convert videos found on Facebook to MP3 or MP4; all absolutely free.

This service works directly through the browser, either on a Mac or Windows computer and on Android or iOS mobile devices .

As well as several other options on our list, Getfvid is exclusively dedicated to downloading videos from Facebook. So rest assured that there is more than one option to accomplish this, although each one has almost unique characteristics.

Using this tool is a simple task, anyone can do it. To download your video (s), copy and paste the post link into the text box on the main page of the website and hit the “Download” button. Wait for the page to load and decide if you want to download the normal video or the audio solo.


y2mate facebook
y2mate facebook

Y2Mate is a great tool to download videos from Facebook. It is not necessary to install any application or extension and the site works with the main video and audio file formats: MP4, MP3, FLV, M4V, WMV and WEBM .

Furthermore, using Y2Mate it is possible to download videos from Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms, obviously including Facebook and YouTube.

Downloading with this tool is very easy. Just copy and paste the link into the text bar of the website and click “Start.” The file will load in seconds and then you will be able to see the available download formats, select the option you want and click “Download” to get the file in video format or “Get audio” to download as MP3.


savefrom facebook downloader
savefrom facebook downloader

Versatility is the main feature of SaveFromNet. Through this service, it is possible to download videos from Facebook and 20 other sites. Among the main ones are Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Dailymotion, and TikTok. However, the downloadable file will be available only in MP4 format.

How to download videos from Facebook using SaveFromNet? This is the path to follow: copy the link or URL of the desired publication and paste it in the text bar of the website. Then click the download button, wait for a kind of preview with a thumbnail to load, and click the “Download MP4” button with the video quality you want.


snapsave facebook
snapsave facebook

SnapSave is one of those tools that you can use to download videos from Facebook. In addition, on its website you will find that it is a family of other services that allow you to download videos from TikTok and Instagram .

If you ask how to download Facebook videos on your cell phone, this is a tool that allows you to do it. On Android it is as easy to do it as on a computer, while iOS requires a few additional steps, but nothing to write home about.

To get your video you just need to paste the link in the bar of your website and then click on the “Download” button.

Tips for downloading videos from Facebook

You already know the best options to do it, now we give you some general tips on how to use these tools and the videos that you will download:

Download only from secure pages

At the time of making this list, we consider all the options we list as safe. Both the web pages of the tools that are software and the pages that work directly with the internet have HTTPS protocol to protect your data.

However, this can change, so we remind you to always check the security of the site from which you want to Download Facebook Videos.

Sin does not have a security protocol, if it downloads without your permission, if it has many buttons and advertisements, all are signs of possible danger.

Know the copyright

Intellectual property and copyright are a real matter. Many people believe that nothing will happen, but the truth is there are cases of lawsuits against people for not complying with these rules.

To cover your back you have two options: always know the content you download or reserve it exclusively for personal use.


We hope that the content of our article made it clear for you how to Download Facebook Videos from each of the options that we share.

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