Diabetes Medicine Is Effective In Preventing Kidney Stone Formation

Diabetes Medicine Is Effective In Preventing Kidney Stone Formation

Empagliflozin, a commonly used drug in type two diabetes, can prevent the formation of kidney stones.
Everyone knows that the process of stone formation in diabetes patients can increase abnormally.
Empagli fluosin, a commonly used drug for type two diabetes, can prevent kidney stones, according to a study.


Recently at the Androcrine Society annual event held in the U.S. also mentioned the drug called Jordians.
This drug is already being used to protect the heart and kidneys of Type 2 diabetes patients. But now it has come to light that this medicine can also be useful for the treatment of complex heart and kidney diseases in such people.


It is very important to clarify here that this medication cannot be taken at all without a doctor’s direction.
In this regard, the data of more than 15 thousand such patients were collected who were suffering from Type Two Diabetes. 20 different studies were analyzed on this experiment, experimentally 10177 patients were given empagli fluosin while 4904 were given play cebu or fake medicine.


The study lasted for 18 months and ultimately found that all patients who regularly took Empagli fluosin had a 40 percent lower process of kidney stones compared to patients using other medicines. The research was conducted by a Yale University scientist Priyadarshni Bala Subraminium and his colleagues. According to this research, it is important to know the scientific reason behind the benefit of empagli fluosin but there is also evidence that the drug prevents the formation of stones in diabetic patients.

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