Conqueror of Jerusalem Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 5

Conqueror of Jerusalem Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 5

Sultan Salahuddin enters the Holy Mosque:

Now here is the case of those who among the “Ahle Quds” had fought against him, who entered the Aqsa Mosque in a number of seventy thousand, whose memories have become exemplary in najabat, understanding, kindness and nobility, it is not surprising because This is just one of the characteristics of a Muslim general like Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi (may Allah have mercy on him).

The order is to remove the signs of Christians.

Sultan Salahuddin (RA) started removing the marks of the crusaders after the victory of Jerusalem and started bringing back the Sunday Islamically in it, according to Imam Ibn Al-Azir:
Here Islam returned like freshness returned to a dry branch in spring and this “sign raised” means the victory of the Holy House was not destined for anyone except Salahuddin Ayubi (RA). This achievement is enough for their greatness and upliftment, the condition of Masjid Aqsa was distorted by the Christians in such a way that without a lot of changes and corrections, the Sultan corrected it first Ordered to be delivered.


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The splendor of the arch returns

The Christians of the sect of Dawiya (Templars) completely concealed the ancient arch of the mosque, built a modern building on its west side and inserted the arch into it, and the arch disappeared into its walls, making a wall on half of the arch These misfortune had built toilets and separated half of them and made a place to fill the bowl. By the order of the Sultan, these modern walls and the church on the west side were demolished and the real face of the arch was removed where it was repaired and repaired. The need was done.

The echo of the call to prayer and the soulful view of Friday.

Bringing the mosque back to its original state with rose fluid which was brought from Damascus, washed and cleaned and decorated for prayer, the pulpit was placed and the lamps of the altar were hung, the recitation of the Holy Quran was started and Prayers were offered there, instead of the sound of Naqoos, the Azans of Allah alone were said.


The second Friday of 4 Sha’ban, which was the first Friday to perform prayers, was a strange glorious day, the preachers prepared sermons and everyone wished that he was allowed to perform the sermons, countless people Scholars of every land and country of every rank and rank who lived with the Sultan and every renowned person of knowledge and skill gathered to perform the first Friday prayer in Jerusalem, an extraordinary enthusiasm from everyone’s faces It was clear and hearts were filled with sorrow, after the call to prayer was said, the Sultan pointed to Qazi Muhiuddin Abi Al-Ma’ala Muhammad bin Zakiuddin Qureshi to climb on the pulpit, the preacher climbed on the pulpit and started to recite the sermon with such eloquence and eloquence that people.


The impressions became silent and silent like a wall, the hearts of the audience were shaken and their eyes were filled with tears, describing the events with perfect beauty and concise starting from the sanctity of the Holy Mosque and the foundation of the Aqsa Mosque to the state of its victory, and After supplicating Allah’s favor, prayed for the King of Baghdad and Sultan. Ended with (In Allah’s will, O Merkam Bal Adal Wa Al-Ahsan).


Then the Muslims offered the coming Friday on the 4th of Shaban in the house of Salahuddin in the company of Salahuddin. Ibn Al-Zaki Qazi Damascus delivered this first sermon in Masjid Aqsa. Later his sermons and gatherings of eighty years from this mosque. They had disappeared, these crusaders left him humiliated and disgraced, and God willing, this will be the end of every oppressor, usurper, Asam, who spends his nights hurting Muslims, when these Muslims are on the right direction and their Jihad before Allah. We will be true to our ambitions and our intentions.


Tears of thanksgiving and hiccups after the victory of the Holy Prophet.

After finishing the sermon, he descended from the pulpit and did the Imamat, and after the prayer, he stood up from the Sultan’s Imam Abul Hassan Ali bin Najah to preach, and the most happiness and fear of divorce, and happiness and misery, death and salvation. He said such an excellent and effective sermon on the articles that the audience roared and wept and everyone was in a strange situation and then everyone prayed for the Sultan’s eternal peace.


The pulpit made by Sultan Nooruddin Zangi, becomes the ornament of the arch of the Holy House.
The pulpit on which the sermon was delivered that day was a minor pulpit, the pulpit of Sultan Nooruddin was then brought there, Sultan Nooruddin Mahmood bin Zangi placed it in this magnificent mosque of Jerusalem thirty years before the incident and then conquered it.


A wonderful pulpit of glory to be preached on which was built after long labor and abundance of gold by great industry and craftsmanship of great industries (artisans) from extreme industry and craftsmanship and preserved in their treasury (that when I was in Jerusalem) If I conquer, I will make it the adornment of this arch and cool my heart), but the wish of Sultan (may Allah have mercy on him) to conquer the Holy House was not fulfilled and the pulpit remained lying like this, Sultan Salahuddin sent him to the arch of the Aqsa Mosque. By getting the wish of elder Nooruddin fulfilled, he left this world with a desire in his heart, and made changes and corrections in the buildings of the Holy Mosque and Akmanah and other Quayifs.

Heartbreaking bravery of the crusaders.

Removing the Islamic slogan, unveiling the dominance of crusader culture and color, Imad writes: The Fringe had built a church on the Holy Rock, changing its shape and shape in the time of the Muslims and into new buildings It was completely hidden, had large pictures hung over it and dug up the rock with pictures of pigs etc., altar was completely destroyed, filled with wrong things, had pictures put up there too And the priests’ living houses and the libraries of the Gospels were built, (by supplying these crusaders) all of them were transformed (restored) to their original form by the Sultan.

The place of the foot of Christ

In a place called the footstep of Christ, a small dome was built and coated with gold, the crusaders had erected pillars around it and built a high church on them, inside which the dome was hidden and no one found it Ko could not see, the Sultan took off this hijab and made a cage of iron wires over it, put candles around it which he used to illuminate the place at night, there were guards appointed for security.
Idols are broken


The numerous idols of marble that came out of it, distorted and thrown away, Muslims were deeply disturbed to see the order that Christians were cut pieces from the Rock and taken to Constantine, which they sold there for gold. Were and used to make idols for it, the Sultan managed to protect the rock and appointed Imam over it, and many lands and gardens and houses were dedicated to it as a dedication, and the penance of the people of the Qur’an Sharif was written in bold letters Just put it out there to read.


The establishment of mosques and madrassas comes into practice.

The arch of Dawood (AS) outside Masjid Al-Aqsa, there was a very luxurious building next to the city gate, and the one in this fort used to live, the Sultan also repaired it, cleaned and white the walls and fixed the gates and doors Karwadia and Imam and Mouzzin were appointed to live there, and mosques were built, and all the needs of the people were fulfilled. In this fort, the houses and shrines of Syedna Dawood and Syedna Suleiman, were corrected, jurists. Established a madrassa for Shafiyyah and a guesthouse for the reconcilers, established many more madrassas for teaching and teaching other sciences, and arranged all their needs for teachers and students, for the sake of the greatness of the Holy Prophet.


Fayyaz and great courage did more arrangement than the Muslim king could have wished for, and this Fayyaz and Islamic interest of Sultan with the Holy Prophet was not limited and specific to himself only, after that his brother Adil and His sons and successors did even greater things to increase the greatness and glory of the Holy Temple, and continued to maintain their unique relationship with the Holy Place to the end.

For this blessed victory, the Sultan brought letters of congratulations from all the Muslim commanders and messengers from all sides, a misunderstanding from the Darbar Baghdad caused some tension which was resolved very soon, the poets praised him. Write a number of poems

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