Conqueror of Jerusalem Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 4

Conqueror of Jerusalem Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 4
Release of prisoners and kind treatment.

There were over a million Christians in Jerusalem when the Muslims began their siege of the city. The vast majority of them having the ability to purchase their freedom themselves and Blastow. Who had the treasury to protect the city. Its inhabitants Spent on gaining a portion of freedom. Malik Adil Sultan’s brother paid ransom to 2 thousand prisoners.


Salahuddin followed his example and helped a large number of poor and orphans. Freed from chains, there remain only about fourteen thousand cross-priests in captivity, including four or five thousand young children. Who were unaware of their afflictions, but whose fate was even more plausible than the Christian belief of the order. These innocent victims of war (Muazullah) will be brought up in the idolatry of Muhammad (peace be upon him).


Requested and Muslims were stranded for a long time with the Insane Hit and God free companions who were among hostile nations in an unknown land, enduring countless risks and bearing all sorts of troubles conquered the city by competition. What was, but our plea is that by saying this we shall not want to justify Christians nor to weaken the praise of those who are responsible for the history of Salahuddin and what he obtained from these people too. Those whom he had conquered. (History Machad Volume 1 p.s: 430 to 432)”


Despite the narrow-mindedness that the French historians show to be offended in praise instead of praise he is eventually compelled to acknowledge them, a modern English historian recognized these favors of the Sultan more justly than in his brief history. does, he writes that:


A large number remained who paid no ransom.” Mayka, whose fate in that case was permanent slavery or death, having mercy on their painful condition, Salahuddin’s brave and Fayyaz-Din’s brother Adil, went to the Sultan, recalling his services in conquering the city, and said: “This A thousand slaves should be given to him as a reward.”. Salahuddin discovered:

β€œFor what purpose does he call them?

“Adil replied: “He will do with them as he pleases.” Then Batriq went and made a similar request and found seven hundred men and then Balyan got 500 more. Then Salahuddin said: “My brother brought his own.” I have given charity, Batraq and Balyan have done theirs, now I will do mine and ordered that all the Muhar men who were in the city be freed. “This was the charity Salahuddin did by releasing countless poor men.” (Archer’s history: p. 280)

Historian Lane Poll writes that:

When Godfree and Tankerd were passing through the bazaar of Jerusalem while passing by the corpses of Muslims.” The bulbs were full and the injured were suffering there, when the crusaders were torturing innocent and helpless Muslims, burning alive men and shooting down the Muslims taking refuge on the roof of Al-Quds with arrows They were, the merciless Christians were fortunate that they were being shown mercy at the hands of Sultan Salahuddin.”

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