Conqueror of Jerusalem Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 3

The Conqueror of the Holy House, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, Episode (3)

Jihadi scenes of removing crusaders from Jerusalem

After the signing of the amanat, all the warring people who were in Jerusalem, Syrus or Tripoli were allowed to leave, the conqueror gave the inhabitants their lives and they bought their freedom for a meager amount of a few dinars. All Christians were ordered to leave Jerusalem for four days except for the Greeks and Syrian Christians, ( absolute concession was made with Syrian and Greek Christians and given them every freedom, this was another favor of the Sultan, Zar. The rate of summary (jaziah) was fixed for each man five women and two dinars for a child and those who could not buy their freedom were bound to remain slaves, on these conditions the Christians rejoiced very much at first, but when the fixed day. Near which they had to depart Jerusalem.


They knew nothing but the agony and sorrow of leaving Jerusalem, they covered Christ’s grave with their tears and regretted. Why they guarded it. I didn’t die, they visited Calvary and the churches they were never going to see again, crying and walking, hugged each other in arms and wept and mourned over their fatal differences.

Finally the deadly day came when the Christians had to leave Jerusalem, except for the gate of David where the people had to pass out, all the doors were closed, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi was sitting on a throne watching the Christians go out, first of all by the way. There came the priests, who carried the sacred utensils (or pictures, etc.) the ornaments or decorations of the Church of Christ’s holy tomb and the treasures of which an Arab historian writes that their value and value was so high. “Allah Almighty is their price. Many of them approached the throne of Salahuddin and Pleaded with him like this:


“O Sultan! You see at your feet the women, girls and children of the warriors you have held captive, we leave forever our country they so bravely defended, they were the support of our lives, to lose them In we have lost our last hopes, (i.e. if our men go into your captivity and we depart, our last hope and support in life will also be gone), if you give them to us (i.e., liberate) our exile Troubles will decrease and we will not be helpless on earth.


Inspired by their request, the Sultan promised to relieve the plight of so many heartbroken families, he delivered the children to their mothers and freed the husband and sent them to their wives who were arrested in these prisoners. Were, the ransom (ransom or ransom) was not paid, many Christians left their most precious possessions and some had aged parents on their shoulders and others carried weaker and sick friends, seeing this scene.


The Sultan’s heart was filled, so he praised the qualities of his enemies and gave them valuable gifts and prizes, he had mercy on all the afflicted and allowed the hospitler (people of Istbaria sect) to stay in the city and inform the Christian pilgrims And serve and help those who cannot go to Jerusalem due to severe illness.

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