Conqueror of Jerusalem Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 2

Conqueror of Jerusalem Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 2

Forgiveness, forgiveness and bags of passion:

The Sultan gave peace on a condition that all the Christian men should pay ten dinars per person, women should pay 10 dinars per person, and children should go with their necessary reasons and lives and pay for this ransom. Unable to pay, they will remain under the occupation of Muslims as slaves, Christians agreed to this condition and Baliyan bin Barzan and the rich of the Prime Minister and Dawiya (Templars) and Istbaria (Hospitals) and Baliyan agreed to pay the amount, Baliyan (Hospitals).


Paid for the poor and all the people paying that perjury left the city with them, a huge number of people left without paying the perjury by every possible means ie hanging from walls and other means. Even compared to the others who could not pay jazia, the Sultan kept a fiyazi whose likeness is very rare in the world, at the request of Malik Adil and at the requests of his sons and loved ones, many people who could not pay the jazia were released.

Gave, then at the request of Balian and Grandsons, liberated a large congregation, and after all, left a large congregation to His name, the Christian Queen with all her wealth and innumerable possessions and jewelry, her servants and relatives Including allowed to go to their husbands and no Muslim cared about a person no matter how much wealth and wealth he came out with except for demanding or receiving some excess of a certain amount of jazia.


This treatment of the Sultan which he treated the Christians when the Christians horses were walking to their knees in the blood of Muslims is an example of Islamic fidelity and act and kindness and treatment that led to the bloody and barbaric trait of the Christian world bleeding on Islam and Muslims Instead of accusing and equating Islam to bloodshed, one should be ashamed in front of her.


The land of Syria and the events of more than a century that the world of both nations has seen are enough to judge the matter, the bloodshed that Christians allowed during the victory of Jerusalem and the oppression on innocent Muslims What and the endless and countless blood shed of men, women and children has not been wiped off the pages of history, Godfrey and Raymond etc. the letter written by the conquerors of Jerusalem to the Pope at the time regarding the victory of Jerusalem, death in it. Wrote after writing the news of:


“So you are told that the impure blood of Muslims continued to flow in Ruwaq Sulaiman and the Girja to our horse.” (History Machad: Volume 3rd Supplement S.A.)”

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