Conqueror of Jerusalem Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 1

Conqueror of Jerusalem Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 1

A flaming speech that ignited the jihadi emotions:

After the victory of Asqlan, the Sultan gathered all the armies that were dispersed in the surroundings to march towards Jerusalem and the scholars and virtuous people of every art and knowledge who heard the news of Sultan’s success in that period. The people from different countries and lands gathered to Him, and prayed for victory and victory from Allah Almighty, and on reaching the Holy House, when a group of Christians, a Muslim army was defeated by a group of Muslims. When an enlarged group became a crowd, the Sultan arranged a court for all the members of wealth, the brave, the rank of princes, the brothers of supreme courage and all the rich and the companions of the army, and took advice from all of them and addressed them all at the end. Kar gave an effective speech and said:


Jerusalem has been under the occupation of disbelievers for 91 years And in all this time, disbelief and polytheism has been taking place in this holy place, not a single day but a moment was worshiped to Allah, the only one, for so long, the courage of Muslim kings were unable to conquer it, so much time has passed by the occupation of the frangis. Yes, it is just that Allah Almighty has bestowed the virtue of this victory for the people of Ayub to gather Muslims with them and make their hearts satisfied with our victory.


For the victory of the Holy Mosque, we should try with our hearts and souls and show extreme effort and enthusiasm. Holy Mosque and Al-Aqsa, whose foundation is based on piety, which is the position of the prophets and saints, and the temple of the pious and the virtuous. Heaven is the shrine of angels.


It’s amazing that there is an occupation by the infidels, the infidels have made it their throne, alas! Sorry! The beloved servants of Allah come to visit Him in every way. There is an old stone on which the Prophet (peace be upon him) has been erected as a memorial for going to the Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) on which a high Qaba was prepared like a crown.


It has happened, from where Syed Al-Murrasleen (peace be upon him) rode on lightning speed with lightning speed and reached the sky and that night he obtained that light from Siraj-ul-Awalia which enlightened the whole world, Syedna Suleiman There is the throne of Ali Nabina (AS) and the arch of Syedna Dawood (AS), it has the fountain of Salwan which reminds the Kausar pond to the beholder, it is the first Qiblah of Muslims and the second of the blessed houses and the third of the two Haramain Sharifain.


That is one of the three mosques about which the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said that travel to them and people go there sincerely, it is not strange that Allah Almighty has placed that Holy place in the hands of Muslims. Mention him. He has given a detailed statement with the Noble Prophets in the Holy Quran.
Glory be to the One who captivated by worshiping Layla from the Holy Mosque to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Its virtues and ranks are countless, this is why the Prophet (peace be upon him) ascended, his land was called holy and holy, how many prophets spent their lives here, saints and martyrs and scholars and peacekeepers are not mentioned.


This is the spring of blessings and the nursery of happiness, this is the blessed Sakhra Sharifa and the ancient Qiblah where the last of the prophets (peace be upon him) came and heavenly blessings were continuously descended on this place, it has the Prophet Maqbool (Peace be upon him) The Imam of all the Prophets was accompanied by the Prophet Rooh-ul-Amin when the Prophet (peace be upon him) called the Supreme Alien to ascend, in it is the arch of Syeda Maryam (peace be upon her) in whose favor the Lord of the worlds says:

Whenever he entered Zakaria Al-Mahrab, he found sustenance.

The righteous servants of Allah worship in it all the day and stay awake at nights, this is the same mosque which Syedna Dawood (peace be upon him) laid its foundation and Syedna Solomon (peace be upon Him) took the will to protect it, more than that is the proof of its greatness. Could it be that the Lord of the Worlds started praising him with (Subhan Al-Z), Syedna Umar RA had conquered him with perfect effort, because in praising him Allah Almighty started an old Surah and half of the Qur’an It also starts from there, so what is this place, the elder and the great glory, and this mosque is such a great value and honor, which cannot be described, Allah Almighty describes his greatness in this way:


(Alzi Barkna Hawla) i.e. this is that It is a place around which We have blessed and show the verses of our perfect nature to our Prophet peace be upon him in this place, the virtues of this place we have heard from the Prophet peace be upon Him which have been reached to us through tradition Are.”
Gharz Sultan delivered such an effective and charming speech that the audience became happy and at the end of the speech, the Sultan swore to Allah Almighty that until I install the flags of Islam on the Holy House and follow the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). I will not and will not occupy the blessed rock, will not remove the foot of my effort and will fight till I fulfill this oath.


Muslim and Christian historians agree that Jerusalem had more than one million infidels at that time, with one Muslim historian 60 thousand Christians fit to fight. After the Defeat of Hatin, no Christian rich or chief was there except through Jerusalem. It was, Balian, a Christian leader also fled the defeat of Hattin and went to Syrus, from there (according to the historian Archer) he sought permission from the Sultan to take him his wife and children to Jerusalem for a day from there.


To be let go and strongly confessed that if allowed he would not stay there more than one night, the Sultan by morality and decency gave him permission, but when he reached Jerusalem people encouraged him to stay there Di and Patreque also issued a fatwa that it would be a great sin to fulfill this confession vs to break it, so he took an oath and agreed to stay there and thus a Christian leader appeared in Jerusalem, Patreque and others Active Christians made every possible attempt to generate enthusiasm and activity among the existing Christians, delivered extremely passionate speeches among them, increased their courage and bravery, and persuaded them to guard the city.

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