Chip That Turns Headphones Into Medical Sensors

Chip That Turns Headphones Into Medical Sensors

In this age of development or war, net experts are surprising people with innovations. Recently, engineers at Rutgers University have developed a very low-cost chip that can turn headphones and earphones into car arrival sensors. And its reading can be on a smartphone


Although the sensor is big right now, it can be made more sensitive and smaller, which experts are working on more. The invention has been named the “headfy”. This way, millions of headphones used around the world can be turned into useful sensors.

With the addition of a chip, headphones can work for heartbeat measurement, gyroscope, accelerator (accelerometer), microphone and other devices.Headphones ranging from three dollars to 15 thousand dollars were used under this invention.


HeadFi then identified the user from 97 to 99.5 accurately. 96 to 99 percent heartbeat counting and 99% recorded movements successfully. Although it is still in the early stages but thanks to this chip worldwide There may be a revolution coming



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