Best Web Hosting Companies In Pakistan

Best Web Hosting Companies In Pakistan

Web hosting is required to store data for any blog, website or any business. Here I will share the best web hosting companies in Pakistan. Read Here. Before choosing the web hosting service provider, first you have knowledge to analyze them and then choose any one of it. Here I also share the hosting provider from where I also purchase hosting for my site and for my clients. I will share the best, reliable and fast Website hosting service providers list. These sites are completely based in Pakistan but servers are available from other countries like USA.
Germany, UK, and Canada and other.

In this guide we will learn all about the following points.

  • What is Web Hosting?
  • Types of web hosting?
  • What is Shared Hosting?
  • What is dedicated hosting?
  • Things you should know before Choosing Hosting Provider
  • List of best web hosting companies.

So are you ready to learn all about these. So let’s start our study.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is storage to store data of any blog, website, or any other. If you want to create a website in WordPress, Joomla, or using another CMS, then you need storage to store your media, files, database and other related files.
There are so some types of web hosting. So let’s discuss the types of web hosting.

Types of web hosting?

Here I will share some popular types of web hosting that every company provides you easily. Some of them are below:

Shared Web Hosting:

Example of Share Hosting
Example of Shared Hosting

In this type of hosting they provide you a server your you can store or host your website or blog. On this server multiple sites will run. It means one Server and multiple sites hosted on it. It may affect the loading speed and server speed. But here I share the sites which provide you a fast server.

Dedicated Hosting:

Example of Dedicate Hosting
Example of Dedicate Hosting

In this type of Hosting, the company will provide you a completely one server where only your data is stored. No sharing of servers allowed. No, it depends on you , how many sites you run on your server. It all depends on the plan that you purchased. If you purchased a single site plan then you create only one site, if you purchased multiple site plans then you can host multiple sites on that server. There are some important things you should know before choosing any hosting
Things you should know before choosing a hosting provider company. So here are these points:

Server Speed:

Server speed is very important for your because if you host a website and your site take a long time to open for user then it will increase your site bounce rate. That is very harmful for your ranking.

Pricing Plan

I recommend you to choose those companies who provide hosting for $5 to $15 per year. This is very budget friendly to start your blog or website easily. So choose those providers who provide hosting in this budget easily. Here is some basic information about web hosting. So now I will share the best companies where you can get the best hosting for your website.

List of best web hosting companies.

Best web hosting companies in Pakistan is below.

1: Hosting Sharp

This company is based in Karachi Pakistan. Hasting sharp is a web Hosting service provider for your websites. You can buy Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting from them. You can also buy domain from this company and normal
price. More information about this provider is below.

  • Support: Email, Whatsapp and Tickets
  • Prices: Average
  • Plans: Good
  • Our Rating: 9.5/10

Buy Hosting from Hostinsharp

2: HosterPK

This web hosting company is one of most popular company and also in top ranking in Pakistan. You can also buy domains in any TLD.You can buy your domain in ( in just usd 12 to 15 per 2 years. Hosterpk provides you high quality server speed hosting for just 10 usd per year. More information about this company is below.

  • Support: Email and Tickets
  • Prices: Little High
  • Plans: Good
  • Our Rating: 9.0/10

Buy Hosting From HosterPK

3: VibraHost

This company has so many plans to buy hosting with unlimited features. You can easily buy a Good Hosting with just usd 2 per month. This company has 4 types of hosting plans. You can choose anyone according to your business. You can also buy a domain from here. If you want to start hosting company then you can also use them and buy reseller hosting. More information about this company is below.

  • Support: Email, Call, contact form and Tickets
  • Prices: Averages
  • Plans: Good
  • Our Rating: 8.0/10

Buy Hosting From VibraHost

4: CreemHost

A best company to buy web hosting and domains. This company provides you an Amazing Feature with all domain and hosting. Company has 4 types of plan for every hosting that you can choose as per requirement. You can buy hosting from here in just usd 12 year. also you can buy domains in any tld’s. More information about this provider is below.

  • Support: Live chat, email, tickets and Call
  • Prices: Average
  • Plans: Normal
  • Out Rating: 7.0/10

Buy hosting from CreemHost

These are the companies to buy hosting for your blog or website or for any business. Our Ratings are based on popularity and their prices for plans. You can choose any one of them buy our recommendation is to g with Hostingsharp to buy hosting.

Final Words

Here are the complete information about website hosting service provider. You can choose any one of them according to your budget. Hope this guide Keep visiting our site and share our posts to your friends and family to help others. Thank you so much and Good Bye. See you in next interesting article.

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