Best Twitter management tools for free
Best Twitter management tools for free

Best Twitter management tools for free

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In this post, I’ll tell you the best Free Twitter Tools to Unfollow Inactive Users and also help you clean up your Twitter following.

Apart from this, one thing is also important that we unfollow Twitter users who are inactive, because such users’ increase the count of Twitter users we are following and they barely provide any useful information. Thus, here are few Twitter Tools which will help you to unfollow inactive Twitter users or fake accounts.

As time moves on, your following list will be filled with plenty of inactive accounts. When you grow your reputation to an extent online, people start noticing whom you follow. It might be a difficult procedure to get rid of inactive followings all at same.

With the help of this article, I will help you to cleanup the inactive accounts and give your best tools to check your profiles updates.

Twitter Tools to Unfollow Inactive Users

Twitter Tools To Unfollow Inactive Users webservice


This is a really Good and Amazing tool and has been featured in high social media blogs like Buffer. ManageFlitter has a conjointly singular feature that permits you to unfollow the foremost talkative twitter accounts you follow. This can assist you to keep your twitter account noise-free and consider vital twitter news feed.One of the best features of manageflitter is that it shows the amount of Twitter users you have got followed.

This tool could be a great tool for you to unfollow Twitter users supported by their activities and close your profile. However, the only draw back is that you will only unfollow up to 100 users per day.

To extend the limit upto 200, you may wish to follow ManageFlitter on Twitter. Otherwise, you need to purchase their plan to increase your limit upto 300 additional unfollows per day. You may even prefer paying $12 a one-time free trial to get up to 2000 unfollows daily.

Try ManageFlitter


Circleboom is an online networking account the board web application centers around Twitter account by finding the records who are not following back, spammers, fakes, inactives, and talkative.

With its mobile compatible design, follow and unfollow tasks are also very helpful in mobile. And If you compare the prices with different, circleboom has the ultimate best prices.

In the event that somebody isn’t tweeting for over 30 days, Circleboom marks them as inactive in records so you may consider unfollowing them.

Circleboom orders your companions and supporters as inert Twitter accounts, chatty records, fakes, and spammers. So you can just concentrate on the correct ones to follow.

Circleboom consistently has a free plan. Given the highlights and evaluating the price of Circleboom, the tool is unquestionably truly outstanding among the rivals. While other Twitter tools like ManageFlitter start their monthly pricing from $12 per month, Circleboom provides all the features at $7.99 per month.

Try CircleBoom


Need to make your twitter profile perfect and genuine? Here is tweepi that has helped a huge number of Twitter users to follow just as unfollow inactive or fake accounts.

Some time ago, the new Twitter tool not-following back alternative of tweepi is quick, exact, and shows the specific synchronized rundown of latest Twitter accounts. You can without much of a stretch utilize this to unfollow twitter clients for nothing. They have a premium plan, too, for more advanced features, but as far as unfollow tools are viewed as the free arrangement is all that anyone could enough.

Try Tweepi


CrowdFire supports Twitter, as well as Instagram. That is the extraordinary part. You can dispose of twitter accounts that are not following you and along these lines you can keep your record clean. Crowdfire has Android and iOS applications to assist you with cleaning your Twitter profiles.

The main disadvantage of this tool is that it permits unfollowing only 25 followers every day, which is very low and could be tedious when you need to utilize just the free version. This tool also has Android and iOS apps for your smartphones. You can make use of them to clean up your Twitter account while lying idle on your couch.


Try CrowdFire

This is one of the best and popular tools to manage your social media profiles including Twitter, Instagram and other. This tool is paid but has more features and also helps to engage users and make our profiles, pages or business page look professional. So why are you waiting, to try this tool to make your profiles genuine

Try Statusbrew


Make sure to be cautious before unfollowing any Twitter users because of these automated tools. Let me know if you’ve got tools that help you clean up your Twitter account. I will be happy to hear more from you in remarks about whatever other apparatuses that help you to unfollow non-followers.

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