Became Able to See Beyond the Solid Objects

Became Able to See Beyond the Solid Objects

The dimensions of technology are advancing very fast and as time goes by, interesting inventions dazzle the eyes and leave the mind stunned. Material science or material science (Material Science) is also one of them. Materials have been developed that can play a very important role in various fields of life. Rather, these materials are the best alternatives to previously usedA substances.

Transparent aluminum

Looking beyond the solid matter
Professor Justin Wark and his colleagues have made an interesting discovery. According to him, the Core electron of each atom feels leaving its place when powerful soft X-ray ricky aluminum is bombed and Aluminum becomes completely transparent. This discovery will shed light on the creation of Maniature Stars woven planets through a highly powerful laser explosion and expand our understanding regarding reinforcing the power of neo-clear fusion.



In this regard, an important work has been done by the scientists of the Imperial College of London and Neuchatel (Switzerland). They have developed nano-films using laser-holding solid materials and when lasers are passed through nano-filments, the nano-filmes become transparent. This invention gives us solid objects. Would make it easier to see across. I.e. making it easier to see people trapped in the rubble of a demolished building. Thus would end the dependence on X-rays in the medical field.

Intelligent materials and self correcting colors

Extraordinary progress has been seen in the manufacturing of intelligent materials in the last few years. When electrical current, magnetic field or heat is used, these materials change their shape. A new alloy is being developed in this regard. Your own Will remember former shape and return to its former form in case of injury or fracture. Nickel-free titanium India (Ni Ti nol) can remember its own shape and shape it as required via magnetic field. Option can be made.



Iron and pladium incubation also has amazing shape-changing capacity. This feature is due to the nano-machine inside it. Inside the carbon nanotube there is 600 times more strength than steel. Experts say In the future spacecraft and airplanes will be made from these materials. Self-correcting materials contain long-chain molecules (Ionomers) they can correct themselves even after a bullet has passed.



Colors that have the ability to heal after scratches are used to use Chitosan. Chitosan is actually derived from Chitin which is derived from the shells of mushy animals (prawns, prawns and fish). Alternative to this these Colours uses tiny liquid-filled capsules that remove oil in the form of itching.

paper stronger than iron

Researchers working at the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm have developed a nano paper that is stronger than iron and bullet proofs. Loose are made of fiber. In fact, silose is the central jute of cotton and wood.
This bulletproof paper digests fiber with the help of enzymes and then these fibers are grinded into a blender to create a special nano paper sheet, in which cellulose fibers are well kneaded into a power net. This material is more than kelvar Sturdy used in place of steel in racing tires.




Artificial soft bone
Knee joint pain is a common problem in older people. It is caused by degradation and disintegration of the joints. The natural soft bone that reduces the friction between the bones becomes worn out over time and needs to be replaced. Scientists have been constantly striving for alternatives to natural soft bone and there have been limited success in this regard.



Jacob Klein, who works at Israel’s Weizman Institute of Space, has developed low-rubbing joints that are made of polymer and their top is composed of a safety brush. These brushes attract water particles. And these salmons act like a water molecule shrinking cover when they hit each other’s surface. This material has properties similar to natural soft bones (Cartilage).



Fire proof house
If a fire breaks out in an area, even if the wind is blowing, the fire engulfs the entire neighborhood and thus causes massive loss of lives and property every year. Houses especially near dense settlements and forests They are underwhelmed, as flames travel far and engulf such houses. Technology is being developed to build houses and buildings that protect them from fire Can’t.




It has developed a cover that covers the whole house, which will be placed on the roof of houses and will open and cover the whole house in a minute at the press of a button (like car airbags) its Later the two large fans will start their work and the elastic tube inside the tent will start filling air. An outer structure of Oras will be ready. When the air is taken out of the tent the cloth cover will open and the roof of the house and Will cover the edges




Glass stronger than steel
Scientists at Berkeley Lab and California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have developed a special glass that is stronger than steel. This glass bends instead of breaking, because it has a good amount of flexibility. It has a small amount of pladium. Glass has been created. Its breakage resistance exceeds even the toughest materials developed before. This glass is expected to be used in preparation of defense and industrial items.




The next computer revolution… From Griffin
We’ve heard about graphite. It’s a layer of carbon that’s bound together to form a honeycomb. If one removes a layer or layer of a thick atom, Graphene is a non-material The material demonstrated outstanding electron replication. These electrons move at a very fast speed cutting each other. James Tour of Rice University Houston Texas and his colleagues atomized Invented the method of engraving on glasses.





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