6 Best Web Hosting Companies In 2021

Best Web hosting Companies in 2021

If we think of a website as a commercial premises, a hosting is the land on which that premises are built. There can be no websites if there is no hosting service that supports or hosts everything that makes up that website. They would just be data and files stored on a computer. But not all hosting services are the same; some provide more secure land, others provide faster, while some have greater accommodation capacity, allowing for larger premises to be built. That said, today we will do a small review on the offer of the best hosting to help you determine which is the best hosting for your website.

But first things first:

What is a hosting?

Leaving aside the rhetoric and speaking in technical terms, a hosting is any machine that connects to others using a network, that has a unique IP address and that serves as a point of departure and arrival of data and files such as text, images, videos and the like. In practical terms, a hosting is  a service that allows you to publish a website on the internet . It is a space that is rented on a server (land), which houses everything that the website contains and opens the input and output of data to it through the Internet.

web hosting
web hosting

You can also find that they call it host, lodging, host or accommodation ; in fact, that’s the Spanish translation of hosting. But it will be the same as long as it is in terms of the internet and web pages; a service in which websites are “saved”. If you want to create a web page , then you need a hosting. But what is the best hosting?

Better hosting for your website

Taking into account the storage capacity, the speed of the server, the type of hosting it offers, the offers, some extra functionalities (such as its own website creation platform), the price of its services but also the cost / benefit ratio , these are the best hosting on the market:


Hostinger is one of the best options if you have used WordPress to create your website, as it offers solutions optimized for WordPress , which translates into speed thanks to its LiteSpeed ​​server and the LSCWP cache plugin. It also offers a selection of templates and plugins to optimize the site in terms of speed.


Of course, even if you are not WordPress users you can choose this as your hosting, as it also offers accommodation for all types of websites. This includes its specialized service for online stores , called Zyro, and a very intuitive website builder (or  website builder ). In addition, it facilitates domain registration with the most used extensions at the time, such as .me, .com, .net or .tech and its support service speaks Spanish.



Hostgator stands out for having a variety of plans with competitive prices, especially if we consider that its hosting service includes the domain for free (for a year), as well as an SSL security certificate. However, you will find cheap domains with several of the most recognized extensions on the market.


But it is not all about money, because Hostgator benefits also include support in Spanish active all day, every day and business email accounts. Its platform allows the best website building tools like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, phpBB, phplist, and many others. And if that wasn’t enough, it also has its own website builder platform. Hostgator has received several recognitions from magazines and specialized media such as PC Magazine, WPBeginner and Hosting Advice , which speaks volumes for their services.


SiteGround is probably the most “down-to-earth” (joke!) Of all the hosting services on this list. By this we mean that it is the simplest to use. It does not offer dedicated or virtual servers (VPS), only the shared server that small and medium brands tend to prefer.


Even on its biggest plan, the GoGeek, the storage it offers is relatively little (40GB), but it’s not bad considering its price and other features like preferential support and marketing and design tools. Not least data is that your special plan for WordPress services is supported by Google Cloud. This service has a renewable energy policy that consists of acquiring renewable energy in the same amount as that consumed by its services. So if you are in the environment care movement  , SiteGround may be especially attractive to you.


It also has solutions for online stores through WooCommerce, which updates automatically just like WordPress. As these are managed services, you won’t have to do anything, just take care of creating your blog content or managing your e-commerce inventory.


GoDaddy is probably the most famous hosting service of all. Since the early 2000s, television and the internet have been full of his advertising. But its service is much more than just advertising as it offers all types of hosting .


The technology experts at  PC Magazine put as an example their services in relation to quality / price in terms of  dedicated servers , an ideal type of hosting for brands that need large resources so that their products or services are at their best. Some examples are:

  • Software like CRM and data analytics
  • Applications
  • Transmission
  • Online games

Or just any website with large files and lots of different subdomains and pages. This type of server dedicates all RAM and storage resources only to the website that acquires them, giving an impressive speed. However, the most common is to  choose shared servers when a brand does not require so many resources, as it is cheaper. Another feature that GoDaddy recently added to its service catalog is marketing. With these it facilitates the SEO of the websites that use its services and incorporates metric tools, design, contact forms and the like to enhance the marketing strategy of the brands that choose to host their website on their platform. His attention to the public is also in Spanish.


Slowly, Bluehost has grown to become one of the most recognized website hosting companies by digital savvy people. This recognition is due in part to the facilities it provides to host and manage websites built using WordPress.


Its WP Pro service allows you to monitor the performance of the hosted websites that have been created in WordPress, as well as SEO tools created by Bluehost, which include content, traffic and keywords. In addition, they created the Blue Sky service for advice on everything related to WordPress. They have already done the hard work of testing themes and plugins, so they are able to advise you and even train you with what you need to handle this CMS platform. Of course, it is an additional service to your hosting rates , but those who are more serious about managing their own website will surely think about it.


Note: Bluehost obviously loves WordPress, but maybe you don’t. So here are the best alternatives to WordPress .)

It also offers email marketing solutions through Microsoft 365 Mailbox and special plans for e-commerce creation and hosting using WooCommerce. Finally, they had a special website for the Mexican market, but it is disabled for the moment, so the support in Spanish is not available at the moment.


IONOS offers solutions for all types of websites, from digital portfolios to blogs. But surely it will be e-commerce that can get the most out of this hosting brand.


Designs using templates to avoid the code at all costs, payment method buttons, a variety of integrated shipping options, VAT calculator, smart shopping carts (which are not deleted when the tab is closed) and the possibility of adding the button shopping on Instagram and Facebook.


Also, its website builder is probably one of the most intuitive. MyWebsite Creator is their most complete and customizable version, although they recently released a light and fast version, called MyWebsite Now, which allows you to create a website in minutes using design templates. You can even delegate that creation task to them, who will create for you an attractive website, optimized for SEO and with a responsive design . This service has other rates.


Another of the characteristics that stands out about this hosting is that it allows you to pay for plans month by month and still retain the discounts or promotions that apply, which is not the case in most hosts that prefer annual payments, so IONOS can be an ideal choice for creating cheap or low budget web pages . IONOS specializes in the European market, but it is not exclusive. It has an important market share in Spain, so it does provide support in our language.

 What is the best hosting?

By now you will have realized that all these options have something that makes them especially attractive. Some stand out for their wide offer, others because they specialize in e-commerce or websites created with WordPress, while other options have strong social proofs that validate the quality of their services. Choosing a professional and inexpensive hosting can be an art.


The best hosting for you will be the one that suits your needs. We invite you to take into account all these points before making your choice:

  • Do you have support in Spanish and available 24/7/365?
  • Are your plans within my budget?
  • Will I take advantage of your special services for WordPress?
  • Will I take advantage of your special services for e-commerce?
  • What kind of servers do you offer?

Once you have considered all these points, make your choice. Keep in mind that some of these services include free trials and also money- back guarantees  in their first 30 days, so you could use this wisely to test the services before making your final choice.

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