5 Best WordPress Alternatives For Website 2022

5 Best WordPress Alternatives For Website 2022

5 Best wordpress alternatives for Website: There is no reason to doubt that WordPress is one of the best CMS ( content management system ) on the market. And here are some statistics shared by Digital that make some wonder why there are people and businesses looking for alternatives to WordPress if it is so popular:


  • It is available in 196 languages,
  • 27 posts are created every second,
  • 30% of the top 1,000 websites use WordPress
  • Offers more than 200,000 plugins (more than 50,000 free),
  • Every month 70 million posts and 77 million comments are published,
  • Between 80% and 90% of the searches indexed by Google come from sites created using WordPress,
  • And 35% of active websites have been created using WordPress.

So why look for alternatives to  WordPress.com ?

This data makes it clear that WordPress is a very popular tool and that many businesses and brands find it useful. However, the most reasonable thing to do is to compare their services with similar ones to get a better idea of ​​which CMS or website builder has the features that best suit what you are looking for. Also, there is something that is overlooked is: WordPress does not have to like everyone!


As well as having undeniable strengths, among the community of developers and programmers it has earned the reputation of being a “slow” platform; while businesses and entrepreneurs avoid it because they consider it “expensive” (if you are looking to create your blog for free , this information will interest you) and non-connoisseurs find it “unfriendly”. That does not mean that this popular CMS is all they say, only that some users perceive it that way. And if 35% of the active websites were created on this platform, that means that 65% of the websites valued the advantages of other CMS or website builders over WordPress.


The Internet came to democratize spaces, so there are many more fish in the sea than the web is to help you create your website. Here are the best alternatives to WordPress in 2020:

1. Site123


If you want to  create a completely professional website , then Site123 is one of the best options. Unlike WordPress, it is not a CMS platform but a website builder. Therefore, it does not have the type of functions for which CMS are recognized, such as content management, the possibility of scaling over time and an interesting customization or editing capacity to taste.

But in Site123 you can create web pages without any technical knowledge living up to its name, because you can have a site ready to publish on the count of three.

Advantages of Site123

The fact that Site123 is not a CMS platform has its positive side, as that means that you will not have to worry about  hosting , security, statistics, SEO and  backups , as this company provides all these services. Also, the ability to monetize a simple site using Google AdSense has attracted many users to their services. Site123 makes creating a website as easy as drag and drop. Not needing plugins to work gives websites a really fast loading time. Something that is enhanced by the limited customization possibilities that its templates have.

2. Webnode


Like Site123, Webnode is not a CMS but a website builder. So it doesn’t matter if you have programming and development knowledge, it is built to be easy to understand. It is also worth mentioning that the user experience of the Webnode interface is one of the friendliest on the market.

Drag and drop, this is the kind of technology that Webnode operates with and which has allowed it to have over  40 million websites using its services based on what they post on their own home page. Most are e-commerce with small inventory that get the savings and ease they are looking for in their services.

Advantages of Webnode

One of the best things about preferring Webnode is that it has a design assistant that makes your life easier. Also, all themes or templates are free, so you can choose any without having to pay for it. But without a doubt the best thing is that they are responsive by design; there is no need to add a  plugin or modify codes of any kind. If you choose Webnode, then the  hosting will be included in your accounts and your website will be available in up to  five different languages ​​in addition to the main language. However, that amount could go as low as three or just one extra language depending on the type of plan you adhere to.

3. Joomla!


Like WordPress, Joomla! is an open source CMS tool  . In fact, it is the second most popular in the entire market, although this is a downward trend since approximately 2010 according to Kinsta data  . Both were created only two years apart (in 2003 WordPress and in 2005 Jommla!), But the popularity of Joomla! it is significantly less. However, that 5% of active websites have been created using their products is not bad, since it is more than  50 million websites .

If you want to make a web page without limitations, this is an option that you want to review.

Advantages of Joomla!

With Joomla! , creating and managing user accounts is much simpler and faster. In addition, there are many more options on the type of content that the different user accounts that you can create to edit the content of your site may or may not access.

Although in Joomla! There are more than 8,000 extensions (the equivalent to WordPress plugins ), in the initial dashboard of any website there will be by default a lot of options and functions that in WordPress need a  third-party plugin , which not only slows down the sites and It compromises the ability to solve problems (since the plugins have their own technical support), but it could also be premium functions, that is, paid.


4. Ghost


Following in the vein of open source CMS  is Ghost, which in its beginnings was oriented to the creation of blog-style websites, but like every self-respecting website builder, now it is also friendly to create online stores. On Ghost’s website are symbols of  Apple and NASA as organizations that use its products. We are not sure that this is true, but there is no reason to doubt it because it really is a very professional and pleasant tool to use. Even the aesthetics of the website editor menu bar is similar to what is displayed in WordPress.

Ghost Advantages

Websites made with WordPress often rely on  plugins to achieve extra features. But using Ghost you don’t need SEO tools, memberships and newsletters since everything is included in your base product. Its great strength is in the way in which the content is displayed, something that bloggers will quickly appreciate. All images can be protected from being copied and downloaded, which is why many designers prefer it. All this makes its native integration with social networks more meaningful, because just as it was thought to create content, Ghost makes it easier for it to be shared in the most common distribution channels. And with so many built-in tools, it’s a perfect option for creating cheap web pages .

5. Drupal


Free software , words that make the eyes of many programmers and developers shine, since they are alternatives with the maximum capacity for customization. Among the most popular alternatives to WordPress is Drupal, a CMS software with these characteristics. Estimates released by Infranetworking show that Drupal dominates 4.6% of the CMS market share, ranking third. Not bad, especially considering that the first is WordPress with 60% of it and Joomla! it is the second with 6.5%. This is not to mention that for years it was the CMS with which the official site of the White House was managed  .

Advantages of Drupal

If Drupal is ideal for something, it is to handle large databases, whether for content on a blog, extensive e-commerce catalogs (this through Drupal Commerce) or large customer data. Returning to online stores, it must be said that Drupal includes tools for calculating and managing taxes. When it comes to payment options, Drupal has expanded in recent years and now has almost 100 different options. It has integrations that allow on-site payments (like credit cards), but also external redirects (like PayPal in some cases) and even payment methods that require manual checking.



WordPress is very good, that is not in doubt. But that others use it does not mean that it is for everyone. And yes, there are alternatives to WordPress in every way. If you want better results economically and also easy-to-use tools, you can rely on website builders like Webnode and Site123. If you are looking for the maximum editing power to create something truly unique, then Drupal is for you. Ghost and Joomla! They are also there as alternatives for those who prefer faster sites and with security measures that require less attention since they are integrated within the same system. if you want to know about Blog Domain choosing. Read this

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