5 Best Ways To Find Keywords In 2022

5 Best Ways To Find Keywords In 2022

In this article you can get 5 methods which helps you to find keywords for your blog posts and for your video title. So read this post completely. On the internet there are so many available tools that are paid and some of them are free. But here we will discuss all about free tools that help you to find keywords for your blog title and also for Videos title. So let’s discuss. I will share the 5 methods to find Keywords for blog, Business or any other. These methods are free, but some limitations may be held.

There are two types of keywords

  • Short Keywords: These keywords contain 2 or 3 words and have high volume and high competition. These keywords may take more time to rank in search engines.
  • Long tail keywords: These keywords contain 4-7 words having good search volume and normal competition. These keywords are easy to rank.
  1. Let’s see some examples of these keywords:
    Short Keyword: “Health insurance”
  2. Long tail keyword: “How to lose weight in 2022”

There is more information that we may discuss here before moving to our tools list

Volume in Keyword

Volume Means Searches, that How many people search these keywords on search engines?

Competition in Keyword

It means results related to these keywords are greater than searches, so website owners need to ensure that our results show on the first page of search results. So here are the basic information about keywords. So let’s move on to know the tools and methods to find keywords without paying any penny. Let’s Start.

List of Keyword research tools

1: Google/Bing Suggest

Google and Bing Suggest
Google and Bing Suggest

This is the method to get suggestions from any search engine that what people search using this keyword. In this method, when you type any word on Google or any other search engine site, they will show you more than 10.
suggestions. It means users also search for these keywords. For Example. You search for “How to” and then search suggest you “How to tie” or “How to learn” So this is the first method to find keyword without paying any cost.

2: Related Search

Related Search
Related Search

In this method you can also get the keyword list up to 10, which also used by user to search about that. For this method Go to any search engine to type any keyword and press enter. Now search engines show result related to
these keyword. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you will see the Related Search List. Copy them and use them in blog titles or video titles or any other helping material.


Nowadays, between Google search results, we see that people also search type queries. These queries can also help you. Just copy them to use in your title of blog post.

3: Ahref keyword generator

Ahref keyword generator
Ahref keyword generator

This tool was created by ahref, which is free to use. In this tool, search any keyword and select country to analyze the keywords. When you select the country, just click on Generate. You see the keywords list with search volumes
and competition.

Some of the results will be hiding due to paid versions of this tool. You can also buy group seo tools to access, ahref, paid version and find keywords in detail.

4: Ubbersuggest by Neilpatel

Ubbersuggest by Neilpatel
Ubbersuggest tool by Neilpatel

This is also a free tool to analyze any keyword or websites and get keyword suggestions. There is some limitation while using this tool. If you are using a free user then you get 3 chances to use them and if you signup and create an
Account, then you can make 7 to 10 changes. Also, this tool has paid features to analyze keywords and websites deeply.

5: Keyword tool io

Keyword tool io
Keywordtool io

One the best and popular keyword suggestion tool. You can easily find keywords for Google, Bing, YouTube, or any other platform. You can also get questions by using this tool. This tool suggests what people search on Google or what
People search on YouTube by using your keyword which you write for suggestions. So Here are tools to Use them and find a perfect title for your blog post of website or for videos. These tools can help you to find them easily without paying any charges. These are some tools which ask you to pay first. You can also use them. Like Ahref, moz, semrush and wordstream and many others. You can also use them. These software may provide you with a free trial to use first before purchasing any plan.

Final Words:

These are the complete guide to finding the perfect keyword for your blog and blog post. Hope this article helps you to find keywords. If you have any query, you can comment below to get more information. We also offer a service that may help you in your keyword search. If you need professional services then this will help you.

  • Do a Keyword research for your blog or website . (Starting from $2.99 for 3 Keywords) Easy to rank and easy to get traffic.

So finally, I want to say thank you so much for reading this post. Keep sharing this with your family and friends who need help about this. See you in the next article. Good Bye.

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